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  1. Photos and Videos
    We were blessed with great weather and a very enthusiastic crowd on Halloween. Between the 2 parties and Halloween night we had over 500 people. A bit down from last year but still a wonderful turnout.
  2. Technological Terror
    A video series has been started on Friday nights and I was asked to do a presentation on animating a holiday display. Most of the participants are from the Christmas lighting forums where they don't do many animatronics so I kept it pretty basic. The recording of the presentation doesn't show...
  3. Showroom
    Hey guys! My procrastination is killing me now but I'm pretty proud of myself for having a pretty productive weekend! Did some repairs, painting, unpacking, things like that. While unpacking I found our old mailbox and an unused wiper motor and came up with an idea. I thought that putting...
  4. Showroom
    In addition to working on the electronics projects, I have spent some time building props this year. Here's a short video showing some of what I've got done for this year so far. There are more detailed videos of each of the builds on my YouTube channel at...
  5. Technological Terror
    I want to make an automated razor pendulum like can be seen in this video and many movies. check out Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios..... Specifically at mark 1:09............. Question: What mechanisms can be used to make the pendulum swing? My thought would be a motor with an arm...
  6. Showroom
    I built this greeter so that he can be used with either the skull and a pair of skeleton hands or with the skull skin and the regular hands. It also has the joints from Spider Hill Prop Works for the shoulders and elbows so the position can be adjusted. I'll need to adjust the jaw closure point...
  7. Technological Terror
    Greetings Everyone, I just found this site and can't believe the loads of information available. I tried searching but maybe one of you can answer my question more directly. I am looking to purchase a few of these motors http://www.surpluscenter.com/item.asp?item=5-1587&catname=electric...
  8. Technological Terror
    Well I won an ebay auction and now I have two wheelchair motors coming my way. yay! I'm trying to build a people mover chair, like this: but am unsure of the electronics. The way I see it, I'd like the switches to be behind the chair where someone could switch it on or off from there. I...
  9. Technological Terror
    B-I-L pulled two dryer motors for me knowing my proclivity for making stuff. Any ideas what to do with them? How to slow them - dimmer switch?
  10. Technological Terror
    Hey Everyone! So I Am Building Dr. Kreepy's Cheap Monster In The Box: I Got A Windshield Wiper Motor And I Will Attach It To A Box About Half The Size Of Dr Kreepy's. The Box Looks Like It Is Like A Big Old Crate And It Says DO NOT OPEN on The Sides. I Am Pretty Sure I Know The Answer To...
  11. Technological Terror
    Hey Everyone! I am new to this site. I have not found my way around yet so i hope i posted this at the right place. anyways... i was looking at deer motors and i was wondering where i could go for really really cheap animated deer with the motors. (i don't want to buy them online) i was also...
  12. Technological Terror
    I remember seeing somewhere a howto on how to make you own high power servos. Does anybody have a link to this please?
  13. General Prop Discussion
    Is this a score or trash? I got a toy chainsaw at home depot a few years back and used it one time but now idk what to do with it :zombie: (i had a few suggestions such as "Chainsaw Cabinet" and "Take the motor out and use it for other props") here it is: I already painted blood on it a few...
  14. General Prop Discussion
    I'm looking for an 4 RPM 12 VDC GEARMOTOR Anybody know where to get one at a local store?
  15. Technological Terror
    For those who have props with turning heads, specifically stirring witch props, what kind of motors are you using? I used scarefx's plans for mine, but apparently the motor he used is discontinued. I'd also be interested in pics of the linkage, etc. Thanks.:)
1-15 of 15 Results