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  1. Light and Sound
    Hi all! This year I want to enhance my graveyard with lightning and thunder. I have an outdoor timer that turns on at dusk and stays on for 6 hours which turns on all the lighting. I plan to go with a strobe that listens to audio which I will place next to speakers in a tree. Getting the...
  2. Technological Terror
    Hi all, I'm a bit of a lurker in the forums and have been working quietly in the shadows on this year's display, and despite all the great advice and information I've found here, I can't locate any about a particular problem I am experiencing. I've been working on a prop controller using a...
  3. Light and Sound
    http://www.silenthillmemories.net/main/main_en.htm I just came across this site that has what appears to be a ton of MP3 clips of the Silent Hill soundtracks. I didn't see any potential malware associated with it. Here is the music page with the MP3 links...
  4. General Prop Discussion
    I saw this and I knew someone out there would have a place for it in their haunt! Seems like an interesting make and take idea. Wouldn't it be cool to have a phone ring and when your guests pick it up they get ghostly voices or creepy sounds? Or something really scary like a recording of...
  5. Technological Terror
    I know a lot of us who use tech gadgets in our props are often challenged with finding a cost-effective solution for audio that maintains high-quality sound. Sometimes we resort to using older technology like Chipcorders or spend lots of cash on high-end mp3 units like the uMP3. This mp3 unit...
  6. Technological Terror
    Hello forum pals, I am looking for anyone out there that has bought and is using a hauntbots mp3 player card. I bought one from them and it came with no instructions what so ever and i am having a hard time trying to find the right adaptor to hook up a power supply to it. If there is anyone out...
  7. Light and Sound
    Does anyone know of any available MP3s where a witch is talking? Maybe a boiling calderon, some witch laughter etc. I have the Gemmy witch and am looking to create my own soundtrack Thanks for all help Mark
1-7 of 7 Results