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  1. Sponsor and Vendor Forum
    Working on new pumpkins that will be online for sale soon for those interested. Created a highly requested Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins for this year. I sell the animation video (without the music due to copyright) and you purchase it separately on itunes. Then use your favorite video...
  2. Showroom
    He's FINALLY done! And he's my favorite project thus far. =) As much as I wish this was my original idea there are several people who have made a life-size Jack Skellington and this site had a great tutorial that I followed. He's a bit top heavy and the weight is unevenly distributed so he's...
  3. Welcome Room
    Hello, I am new here and I haven't been doing yard haunts for too long. I have a website and a youtube channel. You should check out nightmarehaunt.weebly.com, or go to my youtube channel. Links below. Youtube: wbsite: http://nightmarehaunt.weebly.com/
  4. Halloween
    How many of you wake up in a cold sweat after a horrible nightmare about your haunt going wrong or falling apart and realize "oh, thank God it was only a dream". I do that all the time, even now and it's only the Spring! Last night I dreamed that the people who run the haunt that we have an...
1-4 of 4 Results