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  1. Photos and Videos
    Well, I'm only 10 months behind on getting the photos online, but I figure that is better than never! I'm still updating my website as well as editing some more photos, so I will post them in here throughout the week. Enjoy! PROLOGUE: It was of great pleasure to host this years festivities on...
  2. Photos and Videos
    Hi, new guy here (first time poster, long time haunter). I just thought I would share a video I put together in October 2011 as a teaser/trailer for our annual Halloween Party. It's based on the intro to the show True Blood. Having watched that show for a couple years I always thought it might...
  3. Party Ideas and Recipes
    That has to be one of the biggest request from people who ask me about Halloween Party Recipes. I have some great drinks that are UV reactive and taste great on my recipe page. wicKED Recipes
  4. Party Ideas and Recipes
    I hope this is helpful to some. Enjoy! 13 Steps to throwing a wicKED Halloween Party
  5. Party Ideas and Recipes
    My friends and I are having a pirate themed Halloween party this year. However most decorations in the star are too cutesy for adults and too pricey for the budget. So we are trying to do as much decorations that we can make our selves. So far for the front yard, we've decided to do a sea...
  6. Party Ideas and Recipes
    Hi guys, My boyfriend is turning 25 in October and I really want to throw him a "zombie apocalypse" themed birthday party. Does anyone have some good ideas as to things to include?? Decor? Food? I'm having a cake shop make a zombie cake and I was planning on having everyone show up dressed...
  7. Party Ideas and Recipes
    I am doing a theme of Rapture(Bioshock) which is a city at the bottom of the ocean, it's basically decaying-- it was once a classy place (art deco style-- think Chrysler Building) created as an utopia but it's been semi-abandoned and everything is falling apart, leaking, grimy etc... SO it...
  8. Party Ideas and Recipes
    OK, here's my dilemma: I'm considering trying my haunt at another Halloween party this year. Problem is, I can't decided whether I should do a theme for the party. Regardless of whether or not I do a theme, I want to use as many props/decoration from the party in my haunt. Any theme ideas for...
  9. Party Ideas and Recipes
    I made a test batch last night. I used this recipe ( http://www.food.com/recipe/severed-fingers-halloween-cookies-135850 ). I added a little bloody ooze to complete the effect. (chocolate syrup mixed with red food coloring) I think I need a little bowl of the "blood" in the center for dipping.
  10. Costumes and Makeup
    So a friend of mine Lewis told me about a week ago that his girlfriends nephew is having an army themed birthday party. Everything is gonna be camo and people are gonna dress up etc. He's turning 7 and apparently he likes this game called Nazi Zombies (It's a free game that becomes unlocked when...
1-10 of 10 Results