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  1. Technological Terror
    Hi all, I am a first timer here when it comes to pneumatics, solenoids, motion sensors, and picoboo boxes, (well basically everything in the halloween world that is not static! ) and am very overwhelmed with all the information that I have seen in regards to using a picoboo box, a 110 volt...
  2. Technological Terror
    I'm building an automaton that will have the complexities of lights, servos, motors, audio, and dispensing trick or treats. The automaton will have 9-12 servos. The candy dispenser will have one motor. I want the lights to do a running sequence, then stop blink and repeat. I can do the light...
  3. Technological Terror
    OK! So I have read forums and posts and checked out sights! I'm a new member here (and really enjoy it) but I can't find the exact answer I'm looking for. So I was hoping someone could help me out. 1) How can I control the time activation on my prop? I want it to stay on for @ 10 seconds. I...
1-3 of 3 Results