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  1. Pneumatics
    I have drooled over Arduino for years and have just never been able to get beyond the basics. I want to build an air cannon to shoot rubber chickens. I have an idea that will use a compressor with tank, an secondary (much smaller tank) A normally open valve and a normally closed valve. I have...
  2. Pneumatics
    Meet Sara. She will be chained up Halloween night. When trick or treaters walk by, she will attack and thrash. Little Sara zombie girl
  3. Pneumatics
    She still needs a few tweaks. All of her cylinders are mounted but not all were used yet. I'm using the ScubaSpook's/tstraub controller. That controller is amazing!! New prop with moving arms
  4. Pneumatics
    My version of a small grave mourner. Sound will be added later after some tweaks. Daniela the grave mourner
  5. Pneumatics
    Here's my fuse box prop. It's using 1 cylinder, and 1 flash cracker.
  6. Pneumatics
    This prop is using both a wiper motor and 2 cylinders. It's almost complete. I'm trying to find a good sound for it. Rocking Scary Granny
  7. Pneumatics
    I'm not sure what to call this prop. It was interesting to build. Pneumatic Halloween thing prop
  8. Pneumatics
    I was being a joker that day teasing a buddy. Because he ROCKS! Pneumatic Guy prop
  9. Pneumatics
    This prop also started out as static. I removed the insides and added cylinders, wood, and PVC. This is one of my first pneumatic projects. Pneumatic zombie dog
  10. Pneumatics
    I may still make an improvement to the heart popping out mechanism. Skeleton with a heart. Painted. Using Pneumatic Parts.
  11. Pneumatics
    This is one of my favorite props that I built. This halloween will be exciting. Pneumatic snake new cylinder
  12. Showroom
    Hello everyone! I put this together this week. I didn't build the steel scissor prop. But I did make the animated zombie. The scissor prop was custom built by HalloweenFXprops. They did an awesome job. I'm still playing with the prop controller program to find the best results. Pneumatic zombie...
  13. Pneumatics
    These are my two pneumatic box props.
  14. Prop How-To's
    This is a how to on scissor hinge's. This video is one of the first how too vids I produced. The camera work sucks but the content is solid. Hope it helps someone out. Thanks for watching.
  15. Showroom
    Here is the finished Grieving Widow prop that I have been working on for the last 6 months. I am also including the first tutorial video on this prop. 1 of 13 videos that are available on You Tube under the channel name Widowmakerproduction.
  16. Pneumatics
    This prop is easy to throw together and the cost is comparatively low for the effect. Here's your parts list: 4 feet PVC (I used 1/2" instead of the usual 3/4". I feel the less PVC to fill the more air that goes to the whips) 1/2" PVC end caps x 2 2 Way Solenoid Valve (Mine is a Monster Guts)...
  17. Showroom
    After a long year of prop building, I've finally been able to complete my entire prop to do list for this year's haunt. These videos show short clips of the major new builds I took on this year. Here's the video for the early season builds - Thanks to all those here and those members of...
  18. Pneumatics
    I've seen several electric chair videos and need help with creating that movement in my chair. I've got it working with fast back and forth movement but I want to add that shaking movement on the out stroke. Can anyone help?
  19. Pneumatics
    I've completed the third member of my witches coven. We started with the traditional witch stirring her cauldron, then added a second witch last year reading from her spell book with 2 axis head movement. To get a little more from the scene, I wanted the third witch to have more movement and...
1-20 of 33 Results