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  1. Pneumatics
    As we really get into build season, I thought it would be appropriate to start a thread with some useful links to tutorials, info and resources for getting started with pneumatics. This forum is a wealth of knowledge with plenty of ideas and people willing to help and we hope you take full...
  2. Showroom
    In addition to working on the electronics projects, I have spent some time building props this year. Here's a short video showing some of what I've got done for this year so far. There are more detailed videos of each of the builds on my YouTube channel at...
  3. Pneumatics
    I have an air compresser and a pneumatic door closer the end of it is off so air can go in i have some attachments to the compresser a thin long one and a blue plastic cone i would like to know how to attach the compresser to it without welding the closer is made of steel and i was also...
  4. Pneumatics
    I finally took the plunge and bought a welder and am trying to teach myself how to weld. Here's the results of my first attempts at welding up a pneumatic pop up. These will be combined into my Pirate display with an audio track and run by a Picaxe controller.
  5. Showroom
    This project was not on my to do list for this year but when I found this old broken up Grandfather Clock I knew what had to be done. It will be installed in the parlor of the haunt along with the piano player and singer. The door is controlled by a 1 1/16 inch bore, 4 inch throw cylinder and...
  6. Showroom
    This is the newest animated creature addition to my graveyard. I think he'll provide a few TOT's with a scare this year. I used a 3/4 bore, 16 inch throw cylinder and the prop was run with one of my Picaxe controllers.
  7. Pneumatics
    In an effort to add to the scare in the spider portion of our haunt, I added a triggered leaping spider. He'll be placed near the front door and will be the final scare the TOT's will have to pass before they get their candy. I'm planning on adding a spitter as well that will add a great hiss...
  8. Pneumatics
    My eel was delivered today and I can't wait to include it in my display. If you haven't seen Bobzilla's creations, make sure to check out his posts. His work is fantastic! Now that I have my eel in hand, it's time to figure out how to animate him. He has a 1" pvc pipe running through the body...
  9. Technological Terror
    I'm using a 08 Picaxe built to Fritz's VLC design to control my Vampire Pop up. When the Picaxe is triggered, it activates a relay which causes the audio to begin, the solenoid to activate and it turns on a light. After the routine runs, I've set a retrigger delay of 30 seconds before the prop...
  10. Prop How-To's
    Some people wanted to see the guts of my CTT prop, so here you go.
  11. Welcome Room
    OK, folks, this will be a long post simply because I type EXTREMELY fast, so please forgive me. I will TRY to make it worth the read! I've ALWAYS loved Halloween to the point of going to the biggest haunts around the St. Louis area multiple times. I also liked the decorations and scare...
  12. Showroom
    My first pneumatic prop. I used a Cowlacious sound board and a screen door cylinder. This got lots of scares last halloween. This year's project list is long. We'll see how I do.
  13. Pneumatics
    I recently got a bunch of pneumatic pistons from craigslist, but i have no idea what i should make from them. i was wondering if any one have ideas of some props that i could make from the pistons i got. i got 8 small ones, 1/2 " bore, and a 1.5" stroke, i believe, they are all double acting...
21-33 of 33 Results