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  1. Costumes and Makeup
    This year's costume will be Governor William J. Lepetomane or simply "Gov", the boxer version (no pants). Gov. Le Petomane is one of Mel Brooks' characters on Blazing Saddles for those who don't know and want to look it up. His dim-witted yet strong political ambitions are either massaged by...
  2. Halloween
    I know many here don't dig politics, but I thought this was important to see how over-regulation and nanny state mentality is slowly creeping into the Halloween industry.
  3. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    Here are a couple of shots of my neighbor's yard haunt. He imagined Sarah Palin as a giant spider, complete w/ beehive-ish hairdo, hockey stick and Joe Sixpack in her clutches. I'm not really a fan of politicizing Halloween, but people really seem to enjoy this display. Check it out...
1-3 of 3 Results