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  1. Technological Terror
    Hi, I have built a four banger with a Arduino Uno with the relay board using the Serial MP3 v1.0 in the past with great success. I planned a haunting this year using multiple octobangers, but I have run into a problem. I have a Arduino Nano onto a 8 relay board with the Serial MP3 player v1.2...
  2. Technological Terror
    Hi. first time making some prop so might need some help. I have an idea of stacked boxes that will be attached to each other and will be pushed when someone passes nearby, like they are going to fall. And then retracted back. Location is outside near external wall, I have a window on 2nd floor...
  3. Pneumatics
    Meet Sara. She will be chained up Halloween night. When trick or treaters walk by, she will attack and thrash. Little Sara zombie girl
  4. General Prop Discussion
    I know I have the long list of directions to build it somewhere however I can not find it. The website I got it from is now closed. It is a dream of mine to build it one day. Can anyone help?
  5. Pneumatics
    She still needs a few tweaks. All of her cylinders are mounted but not all were used yet. I'm using the ScubaSpook's/tstraub controller. That controller is amazing!! New prop with moving arms
  6. Showroom
    Hey all, Minus the motor I have on order to animate the prop, the prop is finished and I thought id post some pictures of it. Ill be posting a vlog of the finishing processes of the build this coming Monday. Ill also be posting a night time look at the prop here in a week or 2.. Until then heres...
  7. Links
    Greetings all,, Not sure how many people would be interested, But for the past 6 months ive been doing a weekly vlog on my prop building season showing the different aspects on the props im building as I build them. Vlogs are normally released every Monday. Today I uploaded the latest release...
  8. Pneumatics
    My version of a small grave mourner. Sound will be added later after some tweaks. Daniela the grave mourner
  9. General Prop Discussion
    I've read the haunt forum for a couple of years, but am posting for the first time. So, thanks everyone in advance for reading and helping out! Looking through the props section has offered up outstanding mausoleum ideas, and I plan on creating one this year. Here's my dilemma: I don't know...
  10. Pneumatics
    I'm not sure what to call this prop. It was interesting to build. Pneumatic Halloween thing prop
  11. Pneumatics
    I may still make an improvement to the heart popping out mechanism. Skeleton with a heart. Painted. Using Pneumatic Parts.
  12. Pneumatics
    This is one of my favorite props that I built. This halloween will be exciting. Pneumatic snake new cylinder
  13. Showroom
    Hello everyone! I put this together this week. I didn't build the steel scissor prop. But I did make the animated zombie. The scissor prop was custom built by HalloweenFXprops. They did an awesome job. I'm still playing with the prop controller program to find the best results. Pneumatic zombie...
  14. Pneumatics
    These are my two pneumatic box props.
  15. General Prop Discussion
    As i've mentioned i am having a make and take. I'm co hosting it with a buddy. We've decided to do a shiatsu groundbreaker but i'm still struggling with how to do it. As far as a make and take goes, everyone brings their own materials for building correct? Or should we provide that? Also what...
  16. General Prop Discussion
    I'm building an Axworthy Ghost this year and am having a real problem finding bicycle wheels. I've been calling all the local bike shops for weeks and so far all I have is one rim, no spokes or hub. I visited the thrift stores and I did find a kid's bike for $15, but I don't want to destroy a...
  17. Prop How-To's
    Hello Haunters! I made a new You-Tube tutorial to make this: All from PVC and sheet styrene. Enjoy!
  18. Prop How-To's
    Hello folks! This i part one of my tutorial I'm doing on making the kind of skulls I leave all over the haunt. More parts as soon as they're done. (see YouTube link below) Here's an example of the final product here. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel to get the other installments... I...
  19. Prop How-To's
    Hi folks! One more tutorial for you. This is Betty, made in homage to the work of Brian Demski. Video tutorial here: Written tutorial here: http://post.ly/764AT
1-20 of 58 Results