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  1. Technological Terror
    I have no clue where to start. I was directed to this website while doing a search. I can no longer find the thread I was reading. I want to make a walker (adult) shake. I noticed someone posted about buying a motor from Michaels and attaching some weights. Anyone know if this might work for my...
  2. General Prop Discussion
    I have had a few that ended up being such a headache. By some of the photos I have seen some of you guys are so talented. So imaginative. Also what was the first prop you made? Looking back now would you have done it differently? BTW I am new. HI everyone
  3. Welcome Room
    Hello! I am a serious Halloween fanatic. I am looking to step up my game this year and build some serious animated props. I want more sound and movement to scare the kids and get them coming back for more! Hopefully with your help I can be the talk of the street! Can't wait to get to know...
  4. General Prop Discussion
    One of the questions I get asked most is how to smooth the homemade paper clay that I use for building Halloween Props. This video demonstrates the method I use to achieve a smooth surface.
  5. Gatherings and Events
    http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/2013/01/halloween-expo-overview-2013.html I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Halloween Expo in Houston Texas it was a blast. I got to preview all the upcoming products for the 2013 Halloween season. Forum Novelties is putting a wicked cool full body Creature...
  6. Photos and Videos
    Hi everyone! I'm uncomfortable posting on forums because I know there are rules and I'm terrified that I'm accidentally breaking them... hopefully this is all ok. This year we stepped up our haunt, and I thought I'd include some videos and pictures to show y'all. It's a totally free home haunt...
  7. Photos and Videos
    Hello everyone! Please check out my video for my haunt, "Haunt of the Scottsquatch". Here is the link: If you have a YouTube account, please feel free to leave a comment, thumbs up the vid, and subscribe. :) Thanks, Scottsquatch
  8. Photos and Videos
    My show for halloween 2012 made the news Here the link http://www.krqe.com/dpp/features/halloween/man-goes-all-out-for-halloween-display
  9. Technological Terror
    Hi, anyone know how to make the Animatronics..(like the ones bought at spirit Halloween stores) run all the time instead of the way they run now? (sound activation) or remote control...Hmm in other words I want to make the props I bought keep moving all the time..Thanks!
  10. Pneumatics
    Hello everyone, so I've been running pneumatic props for 3 years now, and most of which I've planned out myself, so I haven't really learnt much on controlling them, right now I usually go from a air tank/compressor, to a solenoid valve (which is attached to a simple on/off switch circuit I...
  11. Showroom
    Following the direction of Allen Hopps at Stilt Beast Studios, I've begun making corn stalks for my yard display. The main difference between Allen's corn and mine is in the painting: his are painted green, mine are yellows and browns as if they're dead. I also used 1/2" PVC pipe instead of the...
  12. Photos and Videos
    Just added a few more photos photos and videos from our 2011 extreme haunt To answer a few questions from my first post: First off, thank you all very much. We work hard on this little project, last year we had 65 volunteers and most the neighbors helping out. We do this for two reasons the...
  13. Welcome Room
    Hello all, my name is Patrick. I am new to this forum. I live in St Paul, MN and I'm 28. I love Halloween and all things Halloween'esk. I am a newb at creating props and decor compared to some people on the forums. I love trying to make the props though, it's a lot of fun. I would like to have...
  14. Light and Sound
    I toss about 15-20 of these gold cans in the recycling bin at work every day. I decided to rescue a couple and try making some tin punched lanterns. Does anyone know where to find some patterns that would look cool in a Halloween display?
  15. General Prop Discussion
    I'm doing my home haunt this year, for the second year, and the theme is a Haunted Asylum. I have 4 out of the 5 rooms planned out. Room 1: The Waiting Room (someone will be hiding under a desk, we'll have a TV playing static, chairs, etc.) Room 2: Undecided Room 3: Maze Room (We'll have evil...
  16. Welcome Room
    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Mike and I have been building Halloween props for the past couple of years. My props were done with embedded microcontrollers and they have been a blast to do, although very time consuming and challenging. Last year I began a new...
  17. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    Last year, my dad & I decided to do a "Haunted Woods" on the 7 acres we own. It is sort of like a haunted house, except it is set outdoors in the woods. As an added bonus, the property is actually located on a street named "Cemetery Lane" and sits between two actual cemetery sites.Everything...
  18. Halloween
    A graphic I created for my shop wall. Here is a link to the large version if you want to print it out (2500x1787) http://www.stolloween.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/PERIODIC-TABLE-OF-THE-HOME-HAUNTER2.jpg
  19. NJ Hookerman Make and Take
    Hi All, Since our Jan meeting is happening so late in the month, I thought I'd get the Feb Thread started. Unless we fold time and space, there will probably still be a little work left to be done on January's projects. Whether you finish them at home, or at this meeting, We'll still need a...
  20. NJ Hookerman Make and Take
    Let's pick and date and throw some projects on the table for consideration.
1-20 of 58 Results