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  1. Costumes and Makeup
    this year im going a very professional look for my costume, as it will be judge. my question is do you know of any online pre-made gelatin prosthetic shops? personally i would like to free hand and sculpt my own but im short on time and thats something i need to learn. i already know of...
  2. Costumes and Makeup
    This weekend we were doing special effects makeup on a zombie film, and I figured I would share some samples here! Lot of airbrush work, silicone, blood, and time went into these. Larger versions (and a whole gallery of makeup application, reference, and set photos) are on our Facebook page...
  3. Costumes and Makeup
    Here is a look at a make-up appliance we are working on. In this episode of Hauntventures, we show you how-to make a negative cast. We will be posting videos showing each step, including the finished product! The appliance we are working on here will be used in our 2012 haunt at the Powerhouse...
1-3 of 3 Results