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  1. General Prop Discussion
    So i've been a mad man corpsing stuff lately. I shared my corpsed funkin with you all and i couldn't stop so i ended up making a scarecrow. I'm going to try and make another one so they can be the "gaurdians" of my haunt facade lol. Took a walgreen's skelly torso/arms, my corpsed funkin...
  2. General Prop Discussion
    I am trying to find some type of animation program to make singing pumpkins. I am trying CrazyTalk, but the problem is they don't really allow for a pumpkin like mouth. Or at least I can't get it to work as well as I would like. If anyone has any suggestions of something that they have tried...
  3. Costumes and Makeup
    I'm building a Pumpkin costume for the amusement park I work in for Halloween. I figured out a way to make realistic-looking vines out of strips of weed-block burlap. I bought a 50-foot roll of loose-weave weedblocking burlap at Home Dept. I cut a strip about 10 inches wide at one end and 6 at...
  4. Halloween Classifieds: Wanted to Buy
    Hi All, Looking to purchase a large fairy tale type pumpking for a project I am working on. Thanks.
  5. Off-Topic
    Here's another thing that baffles me by not already existing in one market or another. This is my first go at making any tobacco pipe, but I wanted a JOL one so bad. The carving kits are affordable so here goes nothing. It came to me looking like this: Briar wood is hard, HARD I say. I...
  6. Halloween
    Prepping for a couple of projects, I have been doing some online research about carving pumpkins. Most resources will only tell you the legend of who Jack was and repeat a sentence about origins with turnips in Ireland. But thankfully some people have gone to great lengths to collect and...
  7. Costumes and Makeup
    Please do NOT be gentle; if this is way dumber than I think, please tell me how or why. Admittedly, it is very asymmetrical, but I like that about it. Also will look better once I don the cloak and black out my eyes, etc.
  8. Showroom
    This is my first Halloween prop. I was inspired to make this guy after seeing Pumpkinrot's Pumpkin Sentinels. Paper mache for the head and body; creepy fabric; a TP tube, hot glue, and flickering tealight for the candle.
  9. Prop How-To's
    Corpsing a Funkin Foam pumpkin.
  10. Oddities
    Thing 2 was eating grapes last night and brought this to me: Sorry for the blurriness. I took better pix but somehow cannot extract them from my camera. Here's another for comparison and scale: Googling suggests that this happens sometimes, rarely, to both white and red grapes, but I don't...
  11. Showroom
    After wondering what i could do this Halloween with my flag pole I came up with the PoleTop Pumpkin N Flying Ghosts. Below the pole would be my grave yard. So out to Lowes i went First think i needed to do was find a way to secure my pumpkin head to the top of my 20 ft flagb pole, so I bought an...
  12. Prop How-To's
    Finished a Pumpkin Groundbreaker called Gourdon Rotsworth. This beast is made entirely from papier mache, painted with black latex paint and acrylics and sealed with Spar Urethane. Tutorial can be found here:
  13. Showroom
    Old hat to most of you I'm sure, but here in Atlanta we get giddy about 4 inches of snow. As ever, I blame the distractions of Thing 1 & Thing 2 for the incompleteness, as is my God-given right as their genetic donor. :jol: Yes that is red clay and pine straw, LOL
  14. Showroom
    Thought it would be nice to have a thread to display the jack-o-lanterns carved by Forum members this year, so here it is:). Please feel free to add your pictures for all to enjoy. We got three pumpkins (one heavily chewed on) out of our garden this year - biggest one was about 60 pounds...
  15. Showroom
    She awoke and immediately needed meat. The soil her vine sprang from was not enough - the teeth themselves were hungry -- and only the resistant crunch of food with some substance would satisfy. The bothersome growths between her ridges and around her mouth seemed to drive her to feed...and...
  16. Showroom
    "The EFF is this?" said the Bitter Man through cracked, old lips. The merciless dousing of early October had subsided, and left in its damp wake a trio of Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms atop Bitter Man's crown. The lingering sogginess and sudden change in weather opened his eyes for the first time...
  17. General Prop Discussion
    What do you fill a paper skull or pumpkin with if you can't get 2-part expanding foam?
  18. Photos and Videos
    I'm new, so I'm going to flood this place with old photos... but, since you may not have seen them yet, I think I can get away with it. =) 2008 my husband and I went low-key on costumes and spent most of our (little and infrequent) time working on a PVC gurney that attaches to a folding table...
  19. Showroom
    I know several folks have already started posting pics of their pumpkins, but perhaps putting them all in one place might be useful. Anyway, here are the four Spooky1 and I carved the other night. The one on the far right would have been more complex, but it had a skin like iron (as in, it...
1-20 of 21 Results