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    Hauntcast Radio for Haunters and Halloween Fanatics now has new subscription options that will fit anyone's budget starting as low as $50 a year, $4 an episode. Dungeon Dweller Subscription (12 Episodes - Season 5) = $50.00 Minion Subscription (48 Episodes plus Vendor Discount)= $75.00 Loyal...
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    Yo, boils & ghouls! Shocktail Hour 9 is here. JT & Baker work through their Halloween hangovers and cover upcoming cons & events, talk about this season of The Walking Dead, cool new comic books, and new movie news & reviews of The American Scream, The House at the End of the Street, and Hotel...
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    Thanks to the support of the faithful minions Hauntcast is back! Hauntcast 37 is available for download to all paid subscribers. Login and download the latest Haunt and Halloween shanannigans from the Scream Team. Hauntcast 37 – Resurrection features: Theater of the Mind – Revenant Charmed Pot...
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    Shocktail Hour is an all Horror show featuring movies, TV, comic, books, magazines, collectables, conventions and anything else horror related. Shocktail hour will run in-between episodes of Hauntcast if it's Resurrected. The sneak peak pilot episode is available now http://hauntcast.net/
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    Hauntcast 36 has been served at http://hauntcast.net/ Featuring Vic Bariteau and the Koffin Kats
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    33rd Annual Nightmare City Halloween 31 October 2011 - 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM Live Webcast on Stevo In Yr Stereo Radio Live Pre-Show 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM The Best Of NCH 12:00 AM - 6:00 PM All Times Central NCH 2011 Page: http://nch01.fortunecity.com/2011.html To Listen You Must Activate Stream...
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    This year's Halloween Spooktacular, Hauntcast 35, is up for grabs. This episode features an interview chock-full of design tips from renowned haunt designer and this month's special guest, TATTOO aka MIKE KRAUSERT of Bad Boys Scenic Design and director of Nightmare New England, Spookyworld and...
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    Hauntcast 35 airs this Friday 10/7 featuring the director of Nightmare NE and Spooky World Tattoo aka Mike Krausert, the crew of Magic Stone Productions, the Top 10 is back from the Dead, and Musical group Witches in Bikinis. The episode will be oozing with tips, tricks, techniques, humor...
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    Hauntcast 34 is on the loose, featuring haunter Cory Hunt of Nightmare Playgrounds w/ musical guest Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures http://hauntcast.net/
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    Hauntcast 34 featuring haunter Cory Hunt of Nightmare playgrounds and musical guest Captain Clegg and the Night creatures airs Friday 9/2. Download all 33 episodes for FREE at http://hauntcast.net/ and get psyched up for Halloween 2011.
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    Lost footage from Skully and Baker's search for the elusive Queeer Bitch including a look into Skully's past kicks off this month's tent-shredding episode featuring an interview with Eric Lowther of Haunted Overload and the toe-tappin' jamboree from Hell known as The Bloody Jug Band. Revenant...
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    Come & get it! Hauntcast 32 is now available at http://hauntcast.net/ , http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hauntcast/id359517803 , and our new Android App. Featuring part 2 of my interview with Matt Ford from the House at Haunted Hill, author & artist Ghoul Friday, Sharon from Indy Hauntfest and...
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    As you formulate your plan for this seasons Haunts, do not forget to add two way radios to your budget. Two way radios or walkie talkies are an excellent way to communicate with your staff, to organize the haunt, and to handle delicate situations quickly and quietly. We at 2 Way Radio Direct...
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    Hello, I'm Stevo In Yr Stereo, producer of the longest running annual Halloween radio program "Nightmare City Halloween" on-the-air since 1979!!! I began collecting Halloween audio in 1973 after working at the haunted house attraction "Scream In The Dark" in Tulsa, Oklahoma!! This was one...
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    Check ou the Hauntcast 18 Promo http://hauntcast.net/blog/
1-15 of 15 Results