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  1. Pneumatics
    I may still make an improvement to the heart popping out mechanism. Skeleton with a heart. Painted. Using Pneumatic Parts.
  2. General Prop Discussion
    Hi, there. Thought people might like to see the mask I am currently working on. I didn't see a section dedicated to masks, so I posted it here. When finished, they will be cast in silicone. Feel free to let me know what you think.:xbones...
  3. Halloween Classifieds: Wanted to Buy
    Anyone know where the cheaper skeletons are. I keep see 80+ for a 5ft skeleton. And thats kinda pricey at this time for me. Also Where does everyone get the led light for eyes i keep seeing in all your how to videos. Can i buy just the led lights and not a animatronic that i gotta tear apart. ?
  4. Showroom
    A couple weekends ago I set up my UFO crash landing prop on the roof inspired by Dave Lowe's drawings. I don't believe I ever showed this here so here ya go! Let me know any thoughts or suggestions you may have! Happy Halloween! :jol:
  5. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    Has anyone ever set up an area specifically for a photo op in their yard display? I'm thinking about roping off much of the yard (I already have a fence around the whole thing) so I don't have to stake down the wires and extention cords as much. But I know a lot of parents like to take...
  6. Showroom
    Here's my take on the cauldron creep. I've been meaning to post this since last Halloween but, it's just been a hectic couple of months. Halloween :: CauldronCreep.mp4 video by smoreno3 - Photobucket
  7. Showroom
    Hey everyone, about a year ago I found this little guy and I knew I just had to have him. I'm still not sure what for but I finally have him together. When I bought him he was cracked in a lot of the areas where you connect each piece so I used wire to connect everything so that I can pose him...
  8. Finishing Touches
  9. General Prop Discussion
    If you are not familiar with Barney please see this one at skeleton factory: http://www.skeleton-factory.com/Life-Size-Bargain-Basement-Barney-133 I know he's only 5 feet tall but isn't that skull a tad big? Or is the idea that this is a younger skeleton, so the skull is proportionately big to...
  10. Party Ideas and Recipes
    Here are some pics of our Halloween Party invites. I found a template of a 6 inch coffin on-line and printed it out. Then I traced it out on black posterboard. I folded it and glued. I bought some 6 inch skeleton garlands and put the skeleton in the coffin. I used the twine from the garland to...
  11. General Prop Discussion
    So this is my first year to have a full on yard haunt. Last year I built a skeleton that can talk using an arduino microcontroller driving a servo. http://www.instructables.com/id/Talking-Arduino-Halloween-Skeleton/ Doing that, combined with a family trip to Disney World this past summer has...
  12. Prop How-To's
    Easy Method to Pose a Blucky I've been working on an alternate way to pose my bluckies that was easy to change and wasn't obvious when displayed without clothes. I decided to use the heavy wire used with chain link fence. It's fairly stiff but can still be adjusted and isn't hard to work...
  13. Projectors
    I hope to do a ghost illusion this year. I intend to get mosquito netting from E-bay. I will stretch it between two trees or similar. Behind it I will build a set and light it well. In front of the netting I will set a projector that casts a dancing skeleton set to music. The effect is based on...
  14. Showroom
    I couldn't wait any longer and put out my grave digger today.
  15. Prop How-To's
    I needed to replace the hands on my bluckys and the hands needed to be bendable and hold a small amount of weight so I used this method to make them. First I made a jig to bend the wire on. I traced my hand on a board and put a finish nail (nail with no head) at each bone joint and the wrist. I...
  16. Photos and Videos
    :googly:just a shot while I was trying to figure out placement for a servo and pneumatic. I got this idea for a shot to have fun with...
1-16 of 16 Results