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  1. Light and Sound
    Hi folks, I did a few search on the forum but i'm unable to find what i'm looking for. I need a loud raging (yelling/trying to escape) zombie sound. not just a weak moaning zombie. I need it for a new prop i'm putting together. Anyone got something like this ? Thanks a lot. Sam
  2. Sponsor and Vendor Forum
    I am thrilled to open up "Dark Ride" for pre sales. This album has been in the works for 16 months, every second of it was a joy. Because of the great anticipation and demand, I have decided to give you the chance to get a limited edition before it is released to the public. This limited...
  3. Sponsor and Vendor Forum
    Hi all, Wanted to inform you all that we with Scare Tactic Productions have put out our first Atmosphere album "Gothic Nightmare's". This album has ANY atmosphere that you would need for a church/cemetery scene. Check it out here! It's over an hour of sounds. Each track is meant to loop and...
  4. Light and Sound
    Hello, Hello, Hello, me Haunties! I'm doing a ghostly carnival theme this year, and I'm looking for high-quality Sound FX to dub over my background music. The kind of sounds I'm looking for include popcorn popping, hissing steam, bangs, people riding roller coasters, and maybe bicycle horns...
1-4 of 4 Results