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  1. Light and Sound
    I have my FireFly on the way, now what's the best way to stage the sound for my thunder? I am thinking a jam box will be insufficient. A guitar amp is not stereo and will miss out on the depth stereo will provide. What are the T&L experts on the forum using?
  2. Light and Sound
    I have a picaboo controller ready to go for the zombie ground breaker I'm building. I'm needing a good background or "ambient" track AND a great trigger sound ala Growling/Grunting/Snarling and maybe some obligatory "brains" comments thrown in?
  3. Technological Terror
    I know a lot of us who use tech gadgets in our props are often challenged with finding a cost-effective solution for audio that maintains high-quality sound. Sometimes we resort to using older technology like Chipcorders or spend lots of cash on high-end mp3 units like the uMP3. This mp3 unit...
  4. Technological Terror
    I have a couple of props that will either be static (Boris skull) or in constant motion (shiatsu) that I would like to trigger some audio using a PIR. Any turnkey solutions or other suggestions?
  5. Technological Terror
    Ok Here's The Deal. I am making a monster in a box that has Freddy Krueger come out of it. i need some Freddy Krueger Audio that i can download to put on a CD or a mp3 player. i am also wondering how i can connect the audio to play as the monster in a box is activated. please help. Thanks In...
  6. Light and Sound
    Does any one have any audio clips or know of any websites that will have sound for my hangman prop. The prop is built is a wiper motor so that it is kicking around and has a face that is hanging from 3 chains. I need to find some audio with him screaming and chocking. Thanks in advance
1-6 of 6 Results