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  1. Press Releases and Announcements
    Good evening creeps! Not really a 'press release' as such but it looks like a good place to post it.... Ghoulshow and I have been hard at work creating a carnival themed track for your haunts It's a dark carnival themed piece of music written for halloween haunts here is the link to grab a...
  2. Press Releases and Announcements
    We are very excited to announce that the new Sam Haynes CD 'Welcome to the Horror Show' is out now at Bandcamp. The Itunes release will follow next week. This year we have 18 haunting new songs and soundscapes specially written for Halloween Haunts and creating a dark atmosphere. This...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    I thought it was about damn time I write another vintage horror theme! I love writing tracks like this - those bombastic and dramatic scores from classic horror/sci-fi films.
  4. Light and Sound
    So I am looking for suggestions of Movie Soundtracks for my haunt...I am going for a sad feel to it, preferably just instrumental. Anyone have any suggestions?
1-4 of 4 Results