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  1. Showroom
    Created a few bats over the last couple of weeks. The large hanging bats have a 3 foot wingspan and the cloaked bat figurines are 17 inches tall. Guess I went a little batty.
  2. General Prop Discussion
    One of the questions I get asked most is how to smooth the homemade paper clay that I use for building Halloween Props. This video demonstrates the method I use to achieve a smooth surface.
  3. General Prop Discussion
    Here's a technique for applying papier mache strips using a paint brush...I don't much enjoy the strip mache part of building a prop because it's tedious and repetitive. This method is considerably faster, not as messy and results in a smooth surface. I've used this method for a couple of years...
  4. Halloween
    My wife suggested I make some Halloween coffee cups using an idea she had seen on Pinterest. So I did. Basically you take a plain white coffee mug and draw a design using on the cup using a sharpie marker, then bake the cup in an oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and let cool. Google the...
  5. Finishing Touches
    There are always certain elements of a prop that sell the finished look such as the eyes, the hands, the teeth or in most cases a combination of various elements. The last few weeks I have created a number of zombie heads and the one element that helps to sell the look of these new props is the...
  6. 2013 $20 Prop Challenge
    Son of Buster: Manually operated cracking tombstone prop. My entry for the HauntForum $20 Prop Challenge is a companion piece to my 2010 entry titled "Buster Gravesley." Buster Gravesley had a son named Buster Jr. Buster's son was a gnarly surfer dude head banging sort of guy, always on...
  7. Showroom
    Guess I've been watching too much Walking Dead because I've had the hankering to build some zombies. These are life-sized severed zombie head made from papier mache....the starting armature is built from scratch...i.e. a balloon covered with strip mache then cardboard and other materials. Very...
  8. General Prop Discussion
    After 20 years my wife finally kicked me out of the house...well not me exactly, but my obsessive prop building habit. By chance we stumbled on a great space with very reasonable rent and decided to turn it into a one of a kind papier mache studio. Last month we signed the lease and had most...
  9. Halloween
    Here's a fun way to celebrate the season and help fill the void until Halloween comes around again next year….Zombie Snowflakes. One of my joys every year is making snowflakes to decorate our windows during the holiday season. This year instead of making the typical six pointed flakes I...
  10. Photos and Videos
    Our display was set up on October 26th thru October 28th....due to the storm the entire yard was taken down and packed away on the 29th. The weather is still nasty with high winds, rain and snow so unfortunately there will be nothing set up on the big day.
  11. Prop How-To's
    The GateKeepers are large gargoyle/demon/alien hybrids that stand guard at the gate of our 2012 Halloween Display. Based on a sketch I created this past summer these creatures are made from papier mache over a wood form. Complete documentation of the process can be found here.
  12. Prop How-To's
    Posted the instructions for making a Faux Wrought Iron Fence from 1x2 inch boards, ½ inch PVC and sheets of craft foam, the process is fairly simple but gives some impressive results. The tutorial can be found here.
  13. Showroom
    Created some new wrought iron fence for our 2012 Halloween display…my old fencing was in desperate need of replacement. Also new are some column toppers called "GateKeepers."
  14. Halloween
    A graphic I created for my shop wall. Here is a link to the large version if you want to print it out (2500x1787) http://www.stolloween.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/PERIODIC-TABLE-OF-THE-HOME-HAUNTER2.jpg
  15. Photos and Videos
    Hope everybody had a wonderful Halloween. This year our display moved to our backyard where we hosted an October 29th open house (yard) complete with roaring fire, hot dogs and s'mores. We had a good turnout, estimate between 75 and 100 people showed up to view our props and shoot the breeze. It...
  16. Showroom
    This year I held my second annual pumpkin contest on my STOLLOWEEN Facebook page, the contest required participants to submit an illustration or sketch showing the type of pumpkin they would like if chosen. Two winners were selected this year, the first pumpkin was chosen by judges that rated...
  17. Prop How-To's
    This project was a little different, I built a miniature of an insane asylum for a new blog called Arsenic Asylum. The miniature was made from recycled cardboard, covered in papier mache, painted then photographed and edited in photoshop. Here's the link to the tutorial and the blog where...
  18. Prop How-To's
    This is a project I've been working on since early February and just completed this week and while it's not specifically Halloween related the concept of trolls in haunts is not uncommon. The Boris Troll was designed and built for the city of Midland, Michigan's 2011 Downtown Sculpture...
  19. Photos and Videos
    Hope everyone had a great Halloween. We had great weather for the weekend although it was cold after dark but the wind and rain stayed away so that is good. Our display featured over 130 papier mache pieces and I introduced a little animation this year (large marionette type creatures with...
  20. Showroom
    Completed three new character heads built for this year's display, the creatures are called "Wardens" and are the result of possessed pumpkins evolving into something sinister, something evil, something big. My display really needed something creepy to balance the lighter props I've been...
1-20 of 42 Results