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  1. Gatherings and Events
    For those going to Transworld in March, if you haven't made hotel reservations yet, you may want to do so. I'm not sure what other big event is in town that weekend, but I was booking our room a few weeks ago and noticed many of the downtown hotels are already sold out. Also, Registration for...
  2. Gatherings and Events
    We are going to the Haunt convention in St Louis, Does anyone have some suggestions on a good cheap hotel to stay at close to the convention? Any good places to eat? We haven't gone to a convention since Chicago 2006. Thanks for the help!
  3. Welcome Room
    :zombie: Hello , I'm new to Haunt Forum , just registered , & looking to connect with friends from Ironstock , & to let those going to Transworld in March know that our Haunt will be open that weekend . If you'd like info send me an email , & I'll send you our website . Hope to find lots of good...
1-3 of 4 Results