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  1. Halloween
    What was your trick or treater count tonight? I know only a couple of kids who came by my darkened house were wearing masks for covid. With the lights turned off....I got 32 kids. Only 2 wore masks.
  2. Light and Sound
    I would like to expand my haunt from the garage into the yard, however trick or treat here starts and ends before it gets dark out. Are there any tips on how to make the haunt look good and scary even in the daytime?
  3. Halloween
    So i am on my computer going through my music library and i come across my halloween music and i have to say there are a lot of songs that remind me of halloween but no song gets me more pumped up for those creepy nights in october like "In the House/ In a Hearbeat" by John Murphy. Its basically...
  4. Welcome Room
    :jol: I am a first time commercial haunter. I wrote and designed a haunted house for this season...We'll see how good I am... Anyway, I'm a cashier by trade, grandmother of seven, 1 great granddaughter...I live in Southern Michigan,[Wolverine fan]. I go trick or treating with my grandkids every...
1-4 of 4 Results