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  1. General Prop Discussion
    Hello all! I am trying to create an abandoned retro lab/base look for the hallways outside my office. Think Dharma facilities from Lost. Other inspirations might be Half-Life or even BioShock. One of the props I would like to do is having a monitor on a table that is showing surveillance video...
  2. General Prop Discussion
    Here's a technique for applying papier mache strips using a paint brush...I don't much enjoy the strip mache part of building a prop because it's tedious and repetitive. This method is considerably faster, not as messy and results in a smooth surface. I've used this method for a couple of years...
  3. Photos and Videos
    Hi everyone! I'm uncomfortable posting on forums because I know there are rules and I'm terrified that I'm accidentally breaking them... hopefully this is all ok. This year we stepped up our haunt, and I thought I'd include some videos and pictures to show y'all. It's a totally free home haunt...
  4. Photos and Videos
    Made a quick trailer for the 2012 Haunt....
  5. Technological Terror
    Hello! I am in the process of setting up a Haunted Carnival theme for a decorating contest at work, and one of the features of this Carnival is a "Ghost Cam". I basically want a live video feed up on an old monitor, showing the visitors in real time, with a ghost appearing on the video...
  6. Prop How-To's
    A couple weeks ago, I Posted about usi the Brightsign video player paired with a prop controller to trigger video in your haunt. The effect is great, but the cost can be prohibitive. An alternative is to use the Teensy USB from PJRC to send a series of key presess to your computer to trigger...
  7. Prop How-To's
    With all the amazing haunt video options out there, I started thinking about not only looping these effects, but also triggering them on command. I decided to use a Brightsign HD-2000 to play and trigger the video. The nice thing about the Brightsign is that it can be triggered in a few...
  8. Gatherings and Events
    TUNE IN TONIGHT -Video How to on Animating Your Display Join us this Friday at 6:00 p.m. Pacific time as we continue our holiday display video how to presentations. The first 9 weeks covered lighting primarily used in Christmas displays but this will be the first presentation that focuses on...
  9. Photos and Videos
    Hi, new guy here (first time poster, long time haunter). I just thought I would share a video I put together in October 2011 as a teaser/trailer for our annual Halloween Party. It's based on the intro to the show True Blood. Having watched that show for a couple years I always thought it might...
  10. Horror
    I was just thinking about some of my favorite horror video games from when I was a kid the other day and was wondering what everyone favorite horror video games, old or new, are? My all-time favorite was "Zombies ate my Neighbors" for the SNES. "Friday the 13th" for the NES was also a good...
  11. Photos and Videos
    Walk-through.Huge Front Yard Graveyard Display, 14 Horrifying Themed Rooms in the Backyard. Circus & Carnival Room, Tortured Room, Toxic & Mad Scientist Room, Slaughter House Butcher Room, Frozen Meat market Room, Baby Zombie Nursery Room, Swamp "TheRing" Room, Jason Room. Freddy Krueger Room...
  12. Halloween
    Here is a fun Halloween music video for a '50s retro Halloween song I wrote: Spiderwebs in my Hair! :jol:
  13. Prop How-To's
    Hi, everyone! I just posted my latest how-to video. This time it's a fake animal pelt made from sheets of packing foam, prop latex, spider webs and wood stain. Quick, easy and, most importantly, cheap! Enjoy!
  14. General Prop Discussion
    Instead of having someone simply explain the rules of the haunt, I thought I'd make a Jigsaw video from the Saw movies and let him describe the rules. But how do I make a jigsaw video?
  15. Photos and Videos
    Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Halloween/Samhain. Here a couple of links to our little yard haunt. Forgive the quality of the video. This is my first time taking anything but stills. I should have the grave yard (other side of the driveway) uploaded tonight. Time to take a breath...
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Kind of cute, they could of used our help though :) http://www.fox59.com/videobeta/f7bb6498-6d44-4345-b975-127877d91eb3/News/Sherman-Live-Waterman-s-Farm-Market
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Can anyone recommend an online or downloadable video editing software? I'm looking to put together photos with video clips and some music/sound effects. Any info would be very appreciated.
  18. Halloween
    Been following this show on the facebooks, active group of haunters from chicago, learned a ton from season 1 and season 2 just started today. Episode 1 Check out their channel on youtube: http://bit.ly/aLZxBr
  19. Photos and Videos
    Hello Everyone! I am new to the forums and I'd like to post a link to my Home Haunt from this Halloween! Please feel free to rate it if you have a You Tube Account.
1-19 of 25 Results