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  1. Photos and Videos
    Here is the slide show of the Village Mire this Halloween. Enjoy! .
  2. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    I'm looking for one or two scare actors to help out at my yard haunt the Village Mire located in South Yarmouth MA on Halloween. If your interested, please contact me ASAP. Here is a sample of the haunt
  3. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    If you live in Massachusetts and would like to act at my haunt the http://villagemire.com/ send me a PM.
  4. Photos and Videos
    I set up some lights last night, so here is another lil Village Mire tease
  5. Showroom
    My completed Boris Karloff Tombstone Popper
  6. Photos and Videos
    This is a teaser for the Village Mire 2010. More vids to come.
  7. Showroom
    My new tombstone. I still have to age it and add moss.
  8. Showroom
    I was going to hold back on releasing this to the masses, but that would make me a selfish SOB.
  9. Prop How-To's
    These were more work than I expected.
  10. Showroom
    Here is a new denizen of the Village Mire.
  11. Showroom
    Here is my Giant Mutant Spider. Props go out to Spider Ryder for the inspiration and basic structure. YouTube- Mutant Spider Do you think I need to add more bulk to the legs?
  12. General Prop Discussion
    I'm am going to make a Spider Rider style Giant spider. I would like to ad some type of animation, so it isn't static. Any ideas?
  13. Photos and Videos
    Here is the day footage of the my haunt. I'll have the night footage up soon.
  14. Photos and Videos
    I did a lighting test tonight. I realize that I need a new camera, but I like the grainy effect.
  15. Showroom
    Skully helped me out with the talk greeting after his ride on the Spanish Donkey.
  16. Photos and Videos
    I started setting up the yard today.
1-16 of 16 Results