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    Hi all, I have started a Vlog on Youtube called The Ghastly Grove http://www.youtube.com/user/grimghost2024?feature=mhee . I have already posted some vlogs about the props i made, my haunt and some product testing for home haunters. I will be doing a 25 days of Scarymas running vlog. I will...
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    I've decided to start to vlog, since I am addicted to watching all the talented people that make Halloween Vlogs at the moment. Anyway I have two vlogs uploaded, so if you want to check them out than here is the links: Thanks!
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    After much consideration I thought I'd give this Vlog'n thing a try. I don't want to promise that I will have one every day or week for that matter but I'm gonna do my best. I'll post them on youtube and on my blog http://grimlockmanor.blogspot.com/ Hope you enjoy my introduction. Thanks for...
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    :D Zach and i decided that youtube needed a day to day consistent halloween/haunt related vlog. So we decided to give it a go. If you like what you see subscribe to us and we'll keep going...Well even if you dont we will keep going because its fun but anyway enjoy. We have a few videos up...
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    Hi All! Noob, just registered yesterday. At the request to post pics, I thought I'd go ahead and just direct you all to our haunt website. http://www.darkrosemanor.com Current haunt photos can be found under the 'factory' link. Since this is our first 'real' year, I've just been adding photos...
1-5 of 5 Results