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  1. General Prop Discussion
    I have just replicated a device originally seen on Instuctables http://www.instructables.com/id/Cobweb-Spider-Gun-Simple-Build/ The problem was that the pump was a 220V unit from Europe. I found the US 110Volt equivalent at , you guessed it, Wal*Mart for $22.00. It is in the seasonal pool area...
  2. General Prop Discussion
    I am working on an idea for a hot glue web gun that does not use a compressor. I will use the outlet of a vacuum cleaner. I have 1 1/4" sump pump hose and a few fittings to get the air where it needs to go. I will post more as I move along. I need ideas for a way to divert some of the air away...
  3. Finishing Touches
    Seems like every online store I check this year is sold out of web fluid. Anyone know how I can make some of my own? (The kind that goes into the drill attachment, not the glue gun / air compressor version.) -Chris www.hauntstyle.com
  4. General Prop Discussion
    Hey Everyone! Last year I tred to make a giant web by tying lengths of rope together, and it sucked. I saw. but did not bookmark (well i bookmarked it at work, then got a new job) a how to for a gaint web that is pretty straight forward, and requires little cutting. Kind of like weaving a web...
1-4 of 4 Results