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  1. Links
    Marlane Cemetery Hey everyone I thought I would share my new website for my haunt, Some call it a yard haunt i call it a masterpeice that only exhibits 1 day every year. Here it is http://marlanecemetery.webstarts.com/?r=20120815082205
  2. Welcome Room
    Hello, I am new here and I haven't been doing yard haunts for too long. I have a website and a youtube channel. You should check out nightmarehaunt.weebly.com, or go to my youtube channel. Links below. Youtube: wbsite: http://nightmarehaunt.weebly.com/
  3. Welcome Room
    I am Fangmaster which is a handle I picked up while working a night job because it seemed like I got up as the sun was setting and was climbing into bed in the basement as the sun came up. Like the song says very day really is Halloween. I do up the house and yard each year with homemade props...
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    .... in with the new! I'm losing the "howloweenqueen" thing (never really liked it all that much in the first place) and I'm going with "theghostess" as my new domain. The site still looks the same, still has all the same content, just a new domain, and subsequently a new email address...
1-4 of 4 Results