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  1. Photos and Videos
    As starting to slowly set up for this year, thanks to being a backyard based haunt...will update with photos and videos as warranted in the coming weeks :xbones: As is likely clear, Western themed display with a lot of custom structures/infrastructure that are up year round....here is last...
  2. Photos and Videos
    Looks like it is that time, may as well get this thread started as it will be time to start in no time at all. Have some new stuff chilling out in bags: Or not unpacked: Some items have received fresh batteries to be ready to go Fake pumpkins I've got so far, carved: Venturing out...
  3. General Prop Discussion
    Just a short little vid here. I taped battery-powered votives behind the lantern part of the scene setter. Added a nice touch to the foyer (my first video post here; hope I do it right!)
1-3 of 3 Results