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  1. Showroom
    New prop for 2013. Swaying zombie prop using a wiper motor for the movement, tstraub's 4 ch prop controller with a PIR trigger. The head is a cosmetology student head, I'm still on the fence if I should add hair or not. Sorry about the video, its hard to shoot video, trigger the prop and turn...
  2. Pneumatics
    This prop is using both a wiper motor and 2 cylinders. It's almost complete. I'm trying to find a good sound for it. Rocking Scary Granny
  3. Technological Terror
    She's not yet complete. This is my first time using a wiper motor. I'll be connecting the tstraub controller to this next week. Rocking granny
  4. General Prop Discussion
    Here my flying witch for halloween 2013 I used the following items fo build her 3/4 PVC pipe and fitting, wipermotor, old bike rim, cooler pully and belt and some other items see video. Here the link to it.
  5. Technological Terror
    I just picked this motor up from american science and surplus. I cant figure out how to wire it. From searching it appears to be a ford freestyle rear wiper motor. Anyone have an idea?
  6. Technological Terror
    Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Motors for Haunt and Halloween Props There has been a lot of talk about the shortage of electric motors for Halloween prop building since the supply of surplus wiper motors and vent motors has dried up. For the January meeting of CalHaunts SoCal I put together the...
  7. Showroom
    I thought all my prop building was complete a couple of weeks ago but I ended up with a final prop build for my wife. It's powered by a wiper motor and controlled by Otaku's motor controller. Anything else we think of to build goes on the 2013 list now!
  8. Technological Terror
    I remember seeing somewhere a howto on how to make you own high power servos. Does anybody have a link to this please?
  9. General Prop Discussion
    Our version of the "stirring witch" prop, tweaked to fit our 2007 clown / midway themed haunt. Used windshield wiper motor for main movement, with a secondary motor recycled from a Christmas reindeer turning the head. Eyes were from ACC, inserted into a cheapie dollar store mask repainted as a...
1-9 of 9 Results