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  1. Photos and Videos
    Hello everyone! Please check out my video for my haunt, "Haunt of the Scottsquatch". Here is the link: If you have a YouTube account, please feel free to leave a comment, thumbs up the vid, and subscribe. :) Thanks, Scottsquatch
  2. Photos and Videos
    Just a few pics. The video is somehow hung up on Youtube which hasn't been working for me since Halloween. http://goneferalinid.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-few-photos-from-halloween-2012.html
  3. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    We changed our haunt name to "LURKING IN THE DARK" instead of laughing in the dark. It is a bit more flexible for different themes each year then laughing could be. Anyway just thought i'd let ya know. Trick or terror was our first haunt but thats a haunt in CO. Then we went to laughing in the...
  4. Photos and Videos
    Walk-through.Huge Front Yard Graveyard Display, 14 Horrifying Themed Rooms in the Backyard. Circus & Carnival Room, Tortured Room, Toxic & Mad Scientist Room, Slaughter House Butcher Room, Frozen Meat market Room, Baby Zombie Nursery Room, Swamp "TheRing" Room, Jason Room. Freddy Krueger Room...
  5. Photos and Videos
  6. Photos and Videos
    As starting to slowly set up for this year, thanks to being a backyard based haunt...will update with photos and videos as warranted in the coming weeks :xbones: As is likely clear, Western themed display with a lot of custom structures/infrastructure that are up year round....here is last...
  7. Photos and Videos
    This here is my first yard haunt ever. It's not, strictly speaking, a yard haunt. My yard is tiny with zero space on it, so I set up in a shop window near my home. I only got the space four days before halloween, so it's nothing spectacularly original. Groundbreakers, crosses, witch, cauldron...
  8. Photos and Videos
    Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Halloween/Samhain. Here a couple of links to our little yard haunt. Forgive the quality of the video. This is my first time taking anything but stills. I should have the grave yard (other side of the driveway) uploaded tonight. Time to take a breath...
  9. Photos and Videos
    Looks like it is that time, may as well get this thread started as it will be time to start in no time at all. Have some new stuff chilling out in bags: Or not unpacked: Some items have received fresh batteries to be ready to go Fake pumpkins I've got so far, carved: Venturing out...
  10. Photos and Videos
    Here is a Quick Video of Agonal Castle, we had over 900 visitors and raised over 300.00 for MDA.
  11. Prop How-To's
    I quickly put this visual how to of my learing prop Creep in a can. I might alter it next year with more of an up and down motion.
  12. Photos and Videos
    More pics here.... http://www.thecreepyhousenextdoor.com/chapter10.html
  13. Photos and Videos
    Here is the day footage of the my haunt. I'll have the night footage up soon.
  14. Photos and Videos
    I did a lighting test tonight. I realize that I need a new camera, but I like the grainy effect.
  15. Photos and Videos
    I'm still working on a vid of the entire haunt, but here's a couple of featurettes. *Note: if you click the urls, you can see the vids in slightly higher quality, but it's not necessary. First is my Madame Leota: ...And my Skeleton Quartet, The Crypt Kickers (There's 3 songs here. It starts...
  16. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    Here are a couple of shots of my neighbor's yard haunt. He imagined Sarah Palin as a giant spider, complete w/ beehive-ish hairdo, hockey stick and Joe Sixpack in her clutches. I'm not really a fan of politicizing Halloween, but people really seem to enjoy this display. Check it out...
1-17 of 17 Results