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I haven't been around in a while, so when I came across some pictures of a simple prop I threw together last Halloween, I thought I'd come post.

Since moving to a new house, I have a lot more driveway than yard...I needed some static props to take up walking space. I came up with what I'll call - the EZ Creep.

You will need:
1. One step stool (preferably with paint shelf)
2. One foam skull (arms and hands optional)
3. One scrap board
4. One cardboard box
5. Scrap cloth or landscaping fabric

Step One
Get your ladder. Make sure you won't need it until after Halloween.

Step Two
Attach the skull (and arms if you're using them) to the scrap board and set it on the paint shelf of the ladder. Beat up your cardboard box and attach it to the board as well.

Step Three
Drape your EZ Creep with fabric. I used a stapler to attach the cloth to itself in various places and tied a rope around the "waist"

Step Four
Watch the TOTs avoid your hunched EZ Creep like it's about to jump at them. A lot of them were more scared of this thing than the moving props.

Good luck!

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I love this guy! Quick and easy for sure, and it actually would not be that difficult to add some animation like a back-and-forth head movement if you were so inclined.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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