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Your Halloween-L & Haunters Everywhere Video Compilation.....by haunters, of haunters, for haunters!


Folks it's update time!
We want to remind you there is one little week left to submit before the deadline!
If you need additional time it shouldn't be a problem, but you must send Chris an email at [email protected] .
As always, details how to submit are here - http://www.hauntvids.com/submit.htm .

Chris has been looking through the entry's while editing and says:
"I'm impressed at all the talented people out there, it makes me realize how much work I need to do to catch up."
He also said that the editing that everyone has been doing this year is great, it makes viewing much more enjoyable.
We want to thank you all for making such a tremendous effort to edit your submissions!

Media and supplies have been priced for the DVD's and we have ballpark costs.
Unless something extraordinary was missed, the pricing should not change.

Costs shown include full color label printed DVD, a paper sleeve, and S&H.
We don't have the cost with hard case & color cover option yet (SOON, we promise!).

Pricing is as follows:

1 Disc = $5
additional discs = $1 ea
for example if there are 8 DVD's in the set as it was last year the set will total $12.00 shipped.

Since it is still unknown how many disks this years compilation will be, we do not have the final cost yet.

As always, if you have questions, please check the FAQ page first - http://www.hauntvids.com/faq.htm .
If you cannot find answers there, please send questions to [email protected] and one of the HauntVids team will reply.

The HauntVids Team
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