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Did this in another forum and it was pretty cool. Write 10 inconsequential things about yourself. Just for fun!

1. My favorite color is orange.

2. I'm allergic to cats.

3. Toys that talk or move by themselves give me the creeps.

4. The noise when you scrape a rake on the sidewalk makes my teeth hurt.

5. I spend too much time online.

6. It bothers me when people douse themselves with a whole bottle of perfume or cologne. Makes you wonder just what they are trying to cover up?

7. I suck when it comes to giving directions, unless I can show somebody how to get where they want to go.

8. I like to make people laugh.

9. I get bored easily.

10. I talk in my sleep, and sleepwalk once in a while.

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Ok here's mine:

1) I am an isomniac.

2) I have 3 cats I consider my kids. :D

4) I have 3 tattoos and 14 piercings

5) I drive a Geo Tracker (I also had a Geo Storm and want another.) Yep, I'm a Geo fan.

6) I'm a music person (I am always listening to music.)

7) I love to laugh

8) I almost never watch tv and am ALWAYS online.

9) I can't deal with a closed shower curtain unless it's a clear one. Yeah it's the whole Psycho thing. :p

10) I collect anything Marvin the Martian, Dragon, Wizard, and Castle related.

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1.I have no favorite color
2. my idea of relaxing is most peoples idea of work
3. I really dont care what you think
4. I dont drink nearly enough
5. I smoke way to much
6. I think fuel economy is for weenies
7. I have a bigger tv in my office than my livingroom
8. my garage is a disaster and i have no idea where anything is
9. I know whats wronge with the lawn mower i just dont care to fix it
10. Yes that smell is my boots

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This does sound like fun!

1. I'm a giggler! :p

2. Dark chocolate is my favourite candy.

3. All of my cats seem unusually large to people who come to visit.

4. I made 5 gallons of homemade wine this year.

5. My idea of a perfect winter afternoon is comfy chair, a good book, and
a fire in the fireplace.

6. I'm a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings nerd.

7. My dog is named after a Celtic war goddess.

8. I don't consider myself particularly photogenic.

9. I have a large, ostentatious signature.

10. Patience is not one of my virtues.

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OK here goes.

1. I am named after my father.
2. I enjoy all types of beer, wine and alcohol.
3. I wear a size 12 shoe.
4. I look damn good in a suit.
5. I am the first born in my family.
6. I take my work seriously, but I do not take myself seriously at all.
7. I love my Grand Cherokee :)
8. Horror movies, comics and music are my passions.
9. If I consider you my friend, I am loyal until the grave.
10. I starred in a production of the play "Dracula".

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1. I dislike earth tones

2. I have a deep passion for wings, Buffalo or just straight fried (Hell, I just LOVE fried chicken, period.)

3. I hate it when folks smoke in the house. Everything reeks from it.

4. Though I was a Metal head in the 80's, I do not like very much of it anymore.

5. I do not care for people who are of one race trying to pretend they are part of another.

6. I am fiercely loyal to those I call friends and loved ones.

7. Despite my colorful rants, articulation and opinionated posts, I am a relatively boring person.

8. I get uncomfortable in huge crowds, but I Love concerts. Figure that one out.

9. Any meat by products, especially SPAM should be abolished. Can't stand what basically amounts to a chunk of lard being passed off as legitimate food. I also do not like cheese unless it is melted.

10. I'm a jeans, shorts, sneakers and T-Shirt kind of guy.

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1) I often switch my music listening device day to day. From MP3 player to Diskman to Walkman (Casset player).
2) my main nemisses is the locker 666 which I sit across from most days at school whilst eating my lunch.
3) At this moment while typing this I am wearing sun glasses.
4) When I'm pissed off or angrey I seem to have a better skill weilding my sarcasim.
5) All the bands in my CD player right now are Canadian... I think I'm a little biast.
6) I often hear the phone ring when no ones calling.
7) Is my lucky number. Most times when I make a joke involving a number I use 7.
8) Wendsday is my favriot day.
9) I am addicted to MSN messenger.
10) I play the spoons.

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1) My favorite color is black.
2) I jump back and forth between a dozen different hobbies on a regular basis.
3) I HATE large groups of people.
4) If I like you, there's nothing I won't do for you.
5) If I don't like you, there's nothing I won't do to you.
6) Hospitals bring out the claustrophobic paranoid in me.
7) I'm a boderline Ebay addict.
8) I suck at giving directions. period.
9) I am a consumate tinkerer.
10) My daily driver is a 6-71 supercharged Nova with a straight-axle front end (see #9).

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1. My favorite color is dark blue
2. I know how to tat
3. I tend to be philosophical about life
4. When I finally lose my cool, EVERYBODY runs!
5. I like to twist my hair while I read
6. I could live on pizza
7. I can't read a map worth a durn
8. I play the piano and organ
9. I like to twist my hair while I read
10. I hate politics

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OK here goes:
1. My favorite color is Red.
2. I am a obsessed with the N.E.Patriots ( plan vacations on the bye-week)et
3. I drive a buick LeSabre with a trunk big enough for 3 adult bodies.
4. I always prefer a book to the boob-tube, except on game day.
5. I have brain washed all small children in my family in to believing that Halloween is better than Xmas or birthday's.
6. My 2 year old's bedroom is decorated year round for halloween( paint, wall hangings, pictures, etc.)
7. I think I am better than Martha Stewert when it comes to creativity.
8. I have a black persian cat named "Coreycat".
9. I can argue a point till the cows come home.
10. My favorite all time drink is a Cosmopolitan ( jet fuel does the body good).

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1. I'm not a dog person
2. I like to drag race and work on my car
3. I'm a geeky engineer
4. Coffee and me go way back. It's the building block of life
5. I'm a very boring person
6. I have one tattoo but I've been thinking about getting more
7. white is an abhorrent color. It doesn't look good on anyone
8. I'm a damn good sous chef and I love to cook
9. Anything involving eyeballs or bugs gives me the heebee jeebees
10. My mother is an identical twin. I'm a fraternal triplet and I had fraternal twins

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1. Being around large groups of people bothers me.
2. I like to cook.
3. I hate doing dishes.
4. I am a cat person.
5. I enjoy mowing the lawn.
6. I love a good thunderstorm at night.
7. I would much rather take photos of nature then people.
8. I miss my pet shop, I was never "going to work" when I went there.
9. I still watch cartoons, anime ect.
10.After this life I wish i could be a dragon.

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1. I went to college on the G.I. Bill.
2. I have few friends, but those I have I would take a bullet for.
3. I have a 1970 Gravely walk behind mower w/various attachments.
4. My job consumes me mind, body and soul.
5. I know who Hiram Abiff is.
6. I used to be a teacher.
7. One of my best friends died of a brain tumor.
8. I am so proud of my children, but have a hard time expressing myself.
9. The C. Browns winning or the P. Steelers losing will put a smile on my face.
10. I have a small mouth bass mounted over the mantel (22 3/4 long).

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1. I hate talking on the phone...would rather it be in person (or on the net somehow)
2. I really like my job
3. I clean when I am angry or upset at something
4. I met my best girlfriends in a chatroom (there are 8 of us, been together since 1998)
5. I love to travel, but I haven't been anywhere really exciting or out of the United States!...lol yet
6. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a brain surgeon or a princess
7. I love to perform in front of people, just don't ask me to sing in front of anyone..lol well unless I have a few Vodka Cranberry's then anything is possible... :devil:
8. I listen to music from all genres and have a very eclectic collection of CD's
9. I love medieval and gothic inspired design, both in fashion and decorating my house.
10. I hate olives and pickles.

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Here goes...

  1. I HATE my job.
  2. I'm not socially graceful.
  3. I'm obsessed with Halloween. Always have been, always will be.
  4. I'd rather not talk on the phone. Face-to-face or via the 'net is best for me (see #2 for reason why)
  5. Chicken Marsala from the Cheesecake Factory is my favorite dish
  6. Tacos are my second favorite meal
  7. I'm still "just taking a year off from school" before I go to college. 12th year in a row now. :p
  8. My truck is running well, but looking like hell.
  9. I don't sleep very well.
  10. I like to fish, which basically means I like to drink. Fishing is all about the drinking.

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1. I'm in love with Teary Thunder
2. I have 1 tattoo
3. Of the 9 cars/trucks that i've owned, 6 have been Ford
4. I have hazel eyes
5. I once made a prank call to 911
6. I practically live on fast food, yet I gain almost no weight.
7. I'm allergic to cats, and dogs
8. I have a cat
9. I'm alergic to pennicillin
10. I drink my coffee black

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I'm probably going to have to edit this . . . .

1. In our house lives one college student, one high school student, a beagle, a cat, an iguana, a russian dwarf hamster, four goldfish, a wife and me.
2. I love watching movies and the Patriots on the big screen in the basement.
3. I travel for work at least twice a month
4. I use the frequent flyer miles for vacations with my kids
5. I ride a Harley to work in Boston, 7 months out of the year
6. I got my first motorcycle at 12 years old and hid it at a friends house so my parents wouldn't know
6. I have 10,000+ music tracks on the computer
7. I drink only beer, so if you see me switch to scotch it's time to cut me off
8. I hate cocktail parties with a passion, I'd rather walk the dog
9. I'm very good at my job, and like what I do. You see my work everytime you walk into a Wal*Mart or any national retail chain
10. 25 years ago I was a TWA flight attendant; London, Rome, Paris and stewardesses!! You could call them that, then. I married one.

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How much fun is this?

1. I thought Johhnythunder was my husband until I read the part about his Jeep. LOL
2. I have a mini Schnauzer, Fozzy, that has the most rank farts and we call "pig dog" because he snorts all the time but is loved and spoiled like a baby would be. (by me and the husband)
3. I'm too judgemental.
4. Old people make me very uncomfortable.
5. Everytime I watch "Extreme Home Makeover" on ABC on Sundays, I cry my eyes out.
6. Everytime the movie "Bring It On" or "Twister" comes on, I am compelled to watch it.
7. I have 9 tattoos and plan on having many more.
8. My niece looks just like me!! :)
9. I work for the University of Florida and it's the best job I've ever had and I love it.
10. My biggest dreams are to own a home and have a baby one day.

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1. I am MADLY in love with my husband.
2. I'm a pretty boring person.
3. I LOVE junk food....and it shows, unfortunately.
4. My kids are all grown but they drive me crazy when they show up here.
5. I wish I had gone to college.
6. I throw great Halloween parties.
7. I wish I knew how to make better props.
8. I cry at movies, songs, TV shows.....happy or sad, doesn't matter.
9. I want to open a haunt themed bed and breakfast.
10. I love to laugh...movies, comedy shows, jokes, whatever.

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1. I like to BREAK things
2. I love my Girlfriend more than my dog ( see honey its true )
3. My dog gets more attention than my girlfriend
4.Im a ham in front of tha camera (as long as I am in zombiegear)
5.I had a college student pass at the age of 9
6.I nearly drowned in the College olympic sized pool, ( lil boys should not dive from the hign board)
7.Ive owned 4 hearses in as many years
8.I once gave the cableguy a heart attack by sending into the basement with no lights on, then turning the lights on to reveal abunch of dead girls..( realistic props of course... whoa man whoa man whats going on down here!
9. I have a sense of humour that NOBODY likes
10.One day I hope that my hobby turns into a career
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