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10 things that you love and make you smile?

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I know we've done pet peeves, and inconsequential things about ourselves, but what about a top 10 of things that you love, that make you smile, happy or you enjoy? Let's hear some positive things :D
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Guess I'll go first. As always, INPO:

1. Good Sex (Yes, there is a such thing as bad sex, don't delude yourself in to thinking otherwise and don't make me give examples. :D )

2. Spending quality time with my loved ones.

3. Watching my favorite movies, stand up routines and TV shows

4. A perfect, crisp Autumn day.

5. My writing when I have a hell of a good idea and it's clicking right along without a hitch.

6. A great book that you can't put down.

7. A great conversation with someone who understands everything I am saying and has something to offer back.

8. Alcohol

9. Having everything in a day or week work out almost totally to my expectations.

10. Knowing that some of the curses I place upon my enemies actually bear noticeable fruit. :D
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1. Great Sex

2. Making others happy!

3. Being around those who love me!

4. Listening to my Favorite music!

5. Remembering my first Car-- 1977 Chevy Camaro--Black of course :devil:

6. Watching the faces of those I care about light up and enjoy themselves.

7. Tattoos! Oh yeah!

8. Dragonflies

9. Halloween!!!!!!!!! :>

and last but not least...........

10. The Dark :devil: hehehehe

*this list may be edited due to writers mood! LMAO hehehe this was fun!
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ice cold beer
fast cars
loud music
new tools
a burnout
loud exhaust
new pocket knife
christmas lights

1. Naughty naughty sex (You know the kind Santa wouldn't even stop by your house sex) Oh and yes Kouma, you are involved as well :D

2. Music

3. My kitties

4. Tattoos

5. Piercings

6. Halloween

7. Marvin the Martian

8. My internet

9. Curling up on the sofa under a nice warm blanket on a dark stormy night with candles lit.

10. Long, hot showers
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1. My music

2. My dog

3. Snow

4. Coming home and seeing my decorations lit

5. Halloween

6. Hanging out with my sister

7. Finishing a craft project (finally!)

8. Reading a favorite book with a cup of tea on the side

9. Hearing the rain on the roof right before I go to sleep

10. Christmas
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1. Sex - good or bad, still better than none!

2. The sparkle in my wife's eyes (yup, still in love)

3. Acheiving that 'state of grace' moment where everything just seems to fall into place.

4. The crisp bark of a supercharged engine!

5. That even at 50, there are still things in nature that amaze me.

6. A good day off work with no real agenda.

7. Learning a new skill

8. Actually exceeding my own expectations in something I build.

9. A good win on Ebay

10. Halloween & Christmas!
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What an interesting idea... 10 huh?

1. My nephew, Reid - he's 2 and is just my light in life

2. My niece, Riley - she's 9 months and a spittin image of Aunt TiTi

3. Getting tattooed and looking at all the ones I have

4. My baby, Fozzy - the worlds BEST dog! Mini Schnauzer :D

5. Food - I love what I love and I love to eat it :D

6. Monday nights watching Prison Break and Heros and WWE. It's the best night of the week!

7. Being able to sleep through the night with uninterrupted deep sleep

8. Playing a game of darts and drinking a beer - It's my favorite and I don't do it often enough.

9. Walking through Boston - Most phenomenal city I've been to so far

10. Having a killer conversation with someone where the words just flow and you are so on the same wave length and there is just this connection of words. THAT is even better than sex.
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Off the top of my head...

1. Watching my daughter sleep.
2. A well stocked beer fridge.
3. Loud music when you're in a fast car!
4. My pup, CJ. He's 18, so I enjoy every day I have left with him.
5. Popcorn and a new stack of Netflix.
6. Hearing the jeep start up. (mustang 5.0 under the hood & no mufflers yet)
7. Being out on the lake in a canoe at six a.m., paddling after a couple of loons.
8. Walking into my parents home after not seeing them for six months.
9. Laughing with hubby.
10.A clean house.
1. My kids

2. My husband

3. My puppy

4. Finishing a project (like sewing and/or Halloween project)

5. Hanging out with my cousins and their kids - just like when we were kids

6. A good banter

7. Hanging out with good friends, new and old

8. Finishing a good book

9. Cooking (or eating) a good meal

10. Eating cheese and crackers with a nice bottle of wine and good company
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Just 10? Well, here goes, although they may change one day.....

#1. My husband..the love of my life

#2. Amazing, earth shattering orgas, um, er....SEX

#3. My kids...especially when they aren't here :D

#4. Hanging out with friends, old and new, maybe playing board games

#5. Planning and throwing parties

#6. Enjoying an amazing thunderstorm while snuggled up with hubby

#7. The sound of a child's laughter

#8. Halloween and Christmas

#9. A long, hot bubble bath

#10. Hearing hubby's car pull into the driveway after a day at work or wherever, knowing that he's back home safe and sound, and rushing to meet him in the driveway with a big kiss.
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Only 10? Let's see where this takes me.

1. The smile on my wife's face. Especially knowing that I put it there (awwww)

2. The dogs being happy that I am home.

3. Finishing a project.

4. I love it when a plan comes together.

5. In the dj world we use the term, " rock the house", when everything you do just works for that night. It doesn't happen every time, but when it does, it makes me happy.

6. Talking to my mother. I am a scary ugly tough guy, but in real life I am an unappolagitic momma's boy.

7. Then there's the booze.

8. Taking care of animals is its own reward.

9. Having a smoking hot 21 year old give me her number. ( This happened this week - if you see my wife, don't tell her)

10. I am a very busy person, so doing absolutely nothing is good for me. Like a little vacation.
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1. My wife when she laughs
2. Wednesdays and new comic book day
3. Sunrises and sunsets
4. Hanging out with my Dad and talking......just talking.
5. The crash of the ocean
6. A cool autumn breeze coming through the windows and warm flannel sheets and comforter
7. Grilled dinners
8. Catching one of your all time favorite horror films being shown on TV at a weird time you'd never expect to find it.
9. A good drink
10. Making love, or ****ing. Whatever is appropriate at the time :D
1. My wife when she laughs
2. Wednesdays and new comic book day
3. Sunrises
4. Sunsets
5. The crash of the ocean
6. A cool autumn breeze coming through the windows and warm flannel sheets and comforter
7. Grilled dinners
8. Catching one of your all time favorite horror films being shown on TV at a weird time you'd never expect to find it.
9. A good drink
10. Making love, or ****ing. Whatever is appropriate at the time :D
Especially on a propane grill! :p
Indeed :D I edited it, but agreed as to grills :devil:
Mine would all get me arrested.:D :finger:
1. Listening to cicadas on a cool summer morning

2. My granddaughter

3. My children


5. A new hot rod

6. The warmth of my partner next to me in bed on a cold morning when I can sleep in

7. The gentle sound of waves laping on a fiberglass hule late at night

8. New toys/tools

9. A newly finished prop

10. silence
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In no particular order. . .

1. Watching Red Sox vs. Yankees with my son from the Monster Seats at Fenway. (best seats at the best rivalry in all of professional sports, no I don't have season tickets.)
2. Firing up the Fatboy for a little putt after spending Saturday morning, washing, waxing and polishing it to perfection.
3. Having someone ask what year is it? "'99 really? It looks new!"
4. Going up to work in the elevator wearing leathers with helmet in hand amidst a bunch of 'suits'.
5. Seeing my daughter win her heat at a swim meet.
6. Watching the beagle try to stalk squirrels in the back yard.
7. Margaritas at sunset in the desert (thanks for reminding me, JT)
8. Being one of very few people to keep their job in Boston after being taken over by a big CP company. Most left or moved to the midwest.
9. Getting hugged
10. Giving hugs
ok here goes, no order of importance.
Fast cars and bikes
Playing with my kids
Drinking coffee outside as the sun comes up
grilling with my bros and having a few pops
playing on the computer
working in the garage jammin to tunes
walking my dog at night
sleeping outside
the once in a whilie do a good deed for someone else who is less-fortunate
Wow J you grill you bro.... yikes. hehe
Ok I guess ya fixed it so nevermind no bro-b-que-ing here
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