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I updated the Web Site this evening.

Last month, I had a whopping (well, whopping in my little world) 1000 UNIQUE visitors come to this web site. That's great (IMO), and I hope the number continues to grow between now and the unholy day. :D

I updated the site today with a brief update on my building status. I finished the Flying Crank Ghost, and plan to move on to finish the Rat Feast by mid-August. I also think I'll try to add one more prop to my "Spider Alley" area to liven it up a bit. It was looking a little sparse in that corner of my driveway, and I think one more prop would make it look a little better.

I've been selling some of the recording gear I no longer intend to use by way of eBay lately to pay for some of this stuff. Among the stuff that money has paid for is two brand new Bucky Skeletons. I'll probably have them setup in some static way this year.

For next year or the year after, I'm going to install a servo motor in to their heads so they can move their jaws and "talk" to each other, possibly singing a song.
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