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1031fan checking in

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hi all...im originally from the old MOM and have converted pretty much to the new one....im a fine arts major at shippensburg university but am concentrating on making my own portfolio while there since there are no colleges, minus california and florida, with good special effects programs.

i see a few familiar faces already....and am looking forward to seeing and contributing to the great work here - 1031fan
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Welcome! What kind of Special FX? I dabble in film FX make-up myself and BodyBags deals with professional FX make-up.
Welcome to the forum 1031fan. Enjoy your stay here.
From another MoM member/lurker, welcome to the insanity, 1031...
thanks for the great welcome guys!!
Hiya 1031fan. Welcome to HF!!
I think I forgot to say this earlier....WELCOME ABOARD!!!
Welcome fellow Methodz of Madness refugee 1031fan!
Hi and welcome to the party!
Hey hey!
Curious...whats 1031?
Cheetah-Think about it a sec and then realize that we are all here because we LIKE HALLOWEEN!....
oh yeah...no, I knew that.
I just....
I just meant, like...I....u know.

*Covers face and runs away crying*
lol CC... I was like that for a min too then i was like uh yeah duh! lol Welcome 1031... Nice meeting ya in chat last nite.... Hope to see ya again sometime soon
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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