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$2.50 mirror + Hot glue

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Well this is what happens when you buy a $2.50 mirror from Target and then read all about Hot Glue from Lily and Sickie.

It's not finished but the hot glue part is complete. Need to attach all the pieces, add some trim and tassles to the edging and you have yourself a new mirror.

Thanks Lily and Sickie for getting me off track from my other props in progress. I did have a lot of fun designing this and will teach the NJ/PA make and take this weekend how to make one.
My only cost into this is the $2.50 mirror, the foam and silver foam spray is free from a left over project at school and the acrylic paint was minimal. I used approx. 6 small glue sticks which we got for 1 cent each when treasure island went out of business.

hot glue mirror pictures by troop134 - Photobucket
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You have entirely to much free time. When does school start again?
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