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2006 at the Dead End

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The pics start here:


then move on to the inside:


And if you haven't seen the party pics:


Must....... have......... sleep..................
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WOW! I just love it. The voodo (sp) hut is great and I really like the on picture of the blue light and fog comming out of the gate. Great work.
WOW!!! I loved it...Your display was fabulous. How did you make the larger spiderwebs...They were my favorite part.
Howloween - I think your haunt is great. When I first started thinking about decorating the yard - your site was one of the first I found. You graciously answered my emails and I really appreciated it. So really - it was your site and haunt that prompted me to create my own haunt this year.

I guess I owe you a beer!

Just Awsome The Cemetary Is Great I Love All The Skeletons Just Hangin Out
Beautiful work..as always. It was nice to see Goliath watching over your display.
that's impressive! I've never seen such a thorough haunt... and so many details! great job.
Great job!!!!!!!!!
You must be married to a great guy. My wife supports me but would never let me do all that inside. Well done.
Awesome. I take it that those are Frights Enter cobb webs? If so, it is about time someone showed how to use them. And a great job I might add.
Ghostess, Your haunt is awesome, inside and out. That must have really taken a long time to set it all up!
WOW! Another great lighting job! Looks fantastic. Love the three witches; nice touch.
Very inspiring stuff!
Good job. Looks like everyone had fun at your party and your yard looks great.

I like it.
Awesome! Incredible! Amazing! What more can one say? :)
Awesome!! As always!! Love Love Love it. Thanks for sharing!!
Looks great as always Deanna. Can't wait to see what you cook up for next year.
WOW! I just love it. The voodo (sp) hut is great and I really like the on picture of the blue light and fog comming out of the gate. Great work.
Thank you! That fog picture is my favorite, and it's the most simple one I took! I just liked the way the fog was moving in the light and I snapped the picture. Simple things... they are always my favorite.
Turtle and DeathTouch: Thank you, the big webs are beef netting, like used at Knott's Scary Farm. I didn't get mine from FE, but I believe they are the same ones from Trenton Mills.

EWS: Beer? Did someone say beer?? Thanks for the kind words. Shucks, now I'm blushing. :eek: I just checked out your pictures from this year. You have a GREAT yard for haunting. (SO not fair!) Your Frankie is HUGE, he's a good foot taller'n mine. It all looks great, and I agree with everyone else... a fence would just set it off really nicely.

Pyro, Trishaanne, Nick, BodyBagging, JDubbya, Slimy, Xpendable, DeadSPider, ScareFX, and ZF: Thanks y'all!! :) :jol:

Darryl: Thanks. The husband is a new addition, and he was made well aware of my haunting addiction before there was ever even a remote possiblility of a relationship between us. ;-) Besides, he has his own hobby: http://www.rcuniverse.com/gallery/galleryCat.cfm?memberId=22500

Spideranne: Thanks-- I think 19 of the bluckies, could be more. I only have 3 Buckies (one of them is even a first class), plus 24 of those little mini-bluckies.

Dread: Thanks- actually, I started really late this year. I think I might have started bringing the boxes down in the last week of September or the first week of October, normally I start in Early Sept.
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