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2007 $20 Prop Challenge Discussion

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Over the course of the "2007 $20 Prop Challenge" contest, feel free to post thoughts, comments, questions, progress, etc. to this thread.

For full rules, please see this thread.

Talk amongst yourselves. :D
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can we use motors?how much time?and when does it start?
heres one that i think is iffy..... i have a totaled car in driveway can i claim those parts as free? ill get pictures of the car so everyone knows its pretty much trash.
i wanted to use just the wiper motor nothing else if i call junk yard get there price is that ok?
ill share lets not keep secrets but also dont copy either .......cool?
im either gonna try crazy arms or a haunted bookshelf.
I'm working on it...It's rough going, as the pieces were literally shattered, they don't fit at all, as they are missing material..I'm trying wood filler.
Mine came the same exact way i used epoxy and a little bit of time it worked out ok.....and your right my pieces did not fit at all either just take your time you wont be able to tell.
1 - 7 of 573 Posts
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