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2007 $20 Prop Challenge Discussion

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Over the course of the "2007 $20 Prop Challenge" contest, feel free to post thoughts, comments, questions, progress, etc. to this thread.

For full rules, please see this thread.

Talk amongst yourselves. :D
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is using items found in a trash bin ok?
I was gonna ask that too.

http://www.xe.com/ucc/ it shows at the moment:

20.00 USD
United States Dollars
= 23.6311 CAD
Canada Dollars
seeing as Zombie lives in the US i would assume its in US dollars

I know its in US, but when we have to calculate what we spent, we need to convert it somehow. Or He can just let us do $23-24 CDN as our prices are more expensive. Works out to the same in US dollars.
I already have a great idea, I think I could do it for under 25.
I dont think I would go over...but its gonna be a little ghetto. Ill do my best though. Do we have a place where we can post our pics and updates yet?
ooooh man. Mines coming along great! Im gonna post a teaser tomorrow!
so we have 2 months for this huh? ...time is my friend.
She sure looks purdy
Wondering if my wife can join in and do her own project even though shes not a member here. Shes just been watching me make my project and got really excited about it and begged me to ask if she can join. lol
I like the color of her face. Very shiny and bright green....
A tease of whats to come from me.
My first prop ever!

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Bad day at the dentists office?
my curiosity is peeked.
Yeah, bad for the dentist though.
Hrmmm...could be. A nasty little rodent. Maybe it is....maybe it isnt....;)
I have a feeling cheeta is making some sort of rodent...
Cheetah..exellent carving
Clever picture as well.
If thats what I think it is, (could be wrong) it will turn out to be very cool, will be worth the wait.
Hope the rest turns out as such.
Well I did carve the teeth...
I think I know...heheh
I do, I dooo!

As for them being cookies, yeah, mmm, and you could add a mix of yellow icing and cinnimon in the middle for ear wax!
Some of things look like ears but other ones like......uhhhh...another part of a woman's anatomy...........
Hmmm.... hate to meet the girl you saw naked.
Eye would love some. Get it? EYE!!! Hahahha-eh-heh-hehhhh... booo.
april 30th?
Whats the spending limit and what do we have to make?

jk jk jk jk jk jk!!! Please dont boot me!!
1 - 20 of 573 Posts
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