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2007 $20 Prop Challenge Rules

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These are the rules for the contest. As time progresses, these rules may be ammended to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns that arise during the course of this contest.

Please read all of these rules carefully and post any questions or concerns you may have to this thread and it will be addressed.

Entries that don't meet the following rules will not be considered for the contest, so if you even think your entry may not meet any of these criteria, contact me via PM before building.

On to the rules:

  • One entry per person.
  • An entrant MUST have at least 30 new posts on the forums between now and March 31st, 2007. That means new people and inactive members must be active on the forums between now and then to be qualified to enter.
  • Banned members and members banned at any time over the course of this contest are not eligible to enter.
  • Entrants MUST post a new thread containing photos and details on how your prop was built to this forum. The new thread must contain a price breakdown of all parts involved and a picture of the finished prop (link to external photo okay). This thread will not appear to the public until it has been approved by the site admin.
  • The deadline for the entry is March 31st, 2007. Your entry must be posted before the end of the day on March 31st.
  • Details must include a summary of how the prop was made and a list of supplies used. How-to's are welcome but not necessary.
  • The list of supplies must specify the cost of each item, and the cost must total $20 USD or less (or "close enough" to within $1 over cost). If you live outside the US, you must convert your money to USD, so for example, if you live in Canada, the total you have to work with is $23.63 CAD.
  • Supply prices must be reasonable - Using that Bucky skeleton that someone "sold" you for $3 isn't fair, but if you found some scrap lumber in a dumpster you can claim that as free. Use your head and some common sense here. Site admin will have final say on this matter.
  • Expendable items such as glue and spray foam can be pro-rated (i.e. if you only use half a can of something, only bill half of the cost of the can to the project).
  • Shipping costs to obtain materials shall not be included in your total cost to build. Feel free to obtain stuff from eBay or online vendors and only count the cost of the item towards the total.
  • All new threads (entries) in this forum will be moderated by Zombie-F before appearing. This is to ensure only valid contest entries make it into the contest.
  • On April 1st, 2007, a poll will be created and a 7 day period of voting will take place. The winner will receive the prize listed below. Two runners up will also receive prizes.
  • All participants in the contest must not vote for their own entry. Vote for someone else's item as a courtesy, and to avoid a multi-way tie.
  • All votes will have their ip addresses checked. If a user appears to be registering numerous accounts to spike their vote, they will be disqualified.

For examples of acceptable entries, see some examples from last year's contest.

The grand prize will go to the winner with the most votes at the end of the voting period. The grand prize is a http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/bodybagging/zombieskinz3.jpg of the user's choice from Bodybag Entertainment. The winner will receive a 9-piece set with the winner's choice of either Male, Female, or Klowne skins. These skins can be adhered to a costume to be worn or used to complete a zombie prop for that final touch of realism!

The first runner-up will receive a prize package consisting of a kickass Hard Foam Gargoyle courtesy of the fine folks at The Frighteners Entertainment. Also in this package is a strobe light from Monster Guts, as well as a HauntForum T-Shirt of the winner's choosing from the HauntForum CafePress Shop thanks to a donation from forum member slimy.

The second runner-up will receive a prize package consisting of a 4th Quality Mr. Thrifty Spider from Bucky's Boneyard, a Monster Guts T-Shirt, and a Haunter's Halloween Calendar courtesy of forum member Johnny933.

This is a really nice selection of prizes this time around.

Now, start your engines and let the madness begin!

Prize packages may be subject to change over the course of the contest.
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