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I've gone through and checked all the voting to make sure all the voters stuck with the guidelines. One of the entrants broke the "Can't vote for yourself rule" so I had to throw out one person's entry. However, it didn't impact the top three places, so I am proud to announce our three top vote earners as chosen by you, the HauntForum community of users:

First Place: The top slot goes to DeadSpider and her incredible entry "Mr. Hemlock Dench."
Second Place: The second place vote-getter this year was Dr Morbius' static figure, the impaled vampiress "Valerie."
Third Place: Rounding out the top three entries is Dave the Dead's cast foam Pair of Skull Stack Lights.

Thanks to everyone who entered. ALL of the entries presented were top-notch and you're all winners in my book. Everybody should pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Thanks for participating and I certainly hope you'll all take part in our next build of the season.

Prizes will be mailed out to the winners shortly. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

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Thank you Zombie-F for putting this wonderful contest together, and thanks to our wonderful sponsors who generously donated the prizes.

I had fun making Mr. Hemlock Dench.
Thank you very much everyone for your votes. :D

Congrats to Doc and Dave.

And congrats to everyone!!! ... we all produced great additions to our haunts! Wow! This was an amazing process, I loved seeing the incredible things everyone came up with for this contest.
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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