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Here's the big announcement...

The first place prize is no longer the hard foam gargoyle... that's moved down to second now and likewise Anatomical's donated prize has moved to third. "What could possibly bump those two great prizes?" you ask. Well how about a full 9-piece http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v71/bodybagging/zombieskinz3.jpg courtesy of Bodybag Entertainment. The winner will get their choice of a Male, Female or Klowne skin. These skins are great for accenting your costumes or for use as finishing touches on your zombie props for that added touch of realism.

Be sure to show your "thanks" to all our great sponsors by visiting their sites and making purchases from them this Halloween season. Without their support, contests like this wouldn't be possible. Also say thanks to users like Slimy and johnny933 who donated some money for additional prizes.

Bodybag Entertainment
Frighteners Entertainment
Monster Guts
Bucky's Boneyard

Please see the 2007 $20 Prop Challenge Rules Thread for full contest rules and prize listings.
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