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Oddly enough, we didn't have a thread dedicated to the sequel of the Horror smash hit, 28 Days Later but that has been rectified and now we do. Check out the link below for the full synopsis of the film and some pretty sweet pix to boot. Keep checking back for updates as they come down in the ensuing weeks that follow.


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The first time I saw 28 Days Later was not too soon after I saw Dog Soldiers, and I kept telling everyone to seek out the latter film since I liked it better at the time.

I have watched 28 Days Later a few more times since then and have come to appreciate it much more than I did the first time I saw it.

That being said, I'm not really a big fan of sequels and this one........I dunno.......has me less than enthused. I will probably check it out and hope for the best.

P.S. Love the pic of the exploding head :D
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