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I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is super psyched to see this film. Bought my tickets for Saturday night at the local IMAX just before they sold out... Needless to say, this movie is gonna be kick ass!
Here is a link to the trailer: http://300themovie.warnerbros.com/home.html?dl=undefined.
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There was a link to a trailer (R-rated) on the front page of Digg today. It looked awesome!
I seen it last Sunday, All I can say is...Brutal, with a capital Bad Ass. wish we had an IMAX closer to home, that would be ****.

sing along....
"I invaded Sparta and they cut me down, I'm in pieces bits and pieces." :D
I read a quick Frank Miller interview where he said that, although he's not unhappy with the way 300 turned out, he's going to make sure he directs all his adaptations in the future. He was working on Sin City at the time 300 went into production so he couldn't be on set to make sure the adaptation was accurate.
The movie was pretty awesome. Saw it last Friday (opening day) and everything about it was incredible. I just wish they made it a bit more believable... like for instance not having the retarded hunchback guy in it. But whatever it was based off of a comic book so yeah...
My hubby is with his friend at the theatre right now watching it. He was really psyched to see it.
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