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50% off

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Gotta love Spirit Stores half off sale.
I went in there today and blew $125.
Got a fog machine, gothic tombstone angel thingy, couple of severed heads, couple of glow in the dark skulls, and a zombie/corpse bride looking thingy.
:jol: :jol: :jol: :voorhees:
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Uh oh... that's how it starts. In no time you'll be asking "how can I make a cemetery fence..."

Congrats on the good finds. I was far too busy today to drive out to our closest spirit store.
I'm quite content to BUY my Halloween stuff. :p
I got to much other **** going on to actually MAKE it all.:googly: :jol: :xbones:
You say that now...
congrats on your score RAXL.

Unfortunately every store I hit this morning was picked clean days before.
I hit the Spirit store near me. They had there decorations on sale for 50% off sunday.

I did manage to get a couple of 3ft Skellys and a couple of misters for 50% off.
But it was pretty much pickedover by the time I got there.

This morning all I got was 5 400W foggers at Target for 9.99.

Oh well, I just have to build more.

Once again congrats :)

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I had to work..I had to work..ARRHHGG! I missed the Spirit Half off..I missed the Friday chats...I wish I could quit my job, go on unemployment and just be a prop building BUM!
Dr Morbius said:
...I wish I could quit my job, go on unemployment and just be a prop building BUM!
Alakazam! Your wish is granted. Unfortunately you ...

oops...wrong thread. ;)
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