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Okay you're going to have to hang in for a bit on this one. It's going to take a bit before I show a finished product.

This will just be an introductory post to my idea and it will ensure I haven't forgotten any issues.

First post will be the scenario and second will be the technical side of how the make it work.

The scenario and technical aspect will for sure have to be refined as I find new problems.

The basic idea is that when TOTs come onto the property there will be a sign that states something along the lines of "Help me find a ghost" or "Ghost detection services available". Basically getting the idea that some form of ghost detection may happen.
As they come up and I'm giving them candy I'll ask if they would like to help me for some extra candy.

If no - end of sequence and we carry on.
If yes - I explain that I need help finding a ghost.

I show them my ghost detector and explain that ghosts are real. I even have once trapped in a cube.
- the cube will be crystal bottom lit ghost image something like this
Liquid Drinkware Fluid Bone Art

As I bring the detector close to the cube, the led's on the detector begin to light up indicating the presence of a ghost.

Now at this point two thing could happen.

TOT reconsiders helping and leaves - end of sequence and we carry on.
TOT still wants to help - I pass the detector to the TOT.

At this point I explain if they can find another ghost I'll pay them with more treats. I also explain I heard some weird sounds in a general are of the display so it doesn't take them too long.
Once the ghost is found I thank them for their help and retrieve the detector.
As I'm turning to get more treats for them I slowly bring the detector to my chest as I explain.

"I really do appreciate the help. Did you know if a ghost is set free it can take on human form?"
I expect at this point they will have seen that the detector at my chest has now indicated that I am a ghost, and I finally say. "And I'm going to free them all."

Now at this point two thing could happen.

TOT rapidly leaves without treats - give treats to parent.
TOT collects treats.

Either way I reset for the next run.

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Okay. Now that we have the basic script out of the way, onto the technical side.

Basic problems to overcome.

How to make the led's on the detector respond when I want?
How do I reduce the possibility of false detections?
How do I make the detection points small enough to be hidden on a person without any signs that something is up?

My initial thought would be to use Hall effect sensor and place a magnet where I wanted a detection. This could very well work but with the amount of magnets in everyday items, and the possibility of magnets in some of my future props it could be difficult to limit false detections.

Last thing I want is for a young TOT to think it's funny to check mom or dad only to have the detector light up on mom or dad's magnetic clasp bracelet in turn frightening them in a bad way.

The next idea was to use induction coils as the detection points since they come in a variety of sized and strengths which would make them easy to place and greatly reduce the chance of traumatizing the TOT's beyond the normal expected halloween scares.

This is the type I'm leaning towards.

The detector wouldn't require any power or circuitry and therefore could be handled roughly or dropped by a frightened TOT without much worry.

It may be a little bit before I begin this build but I wanted to put it out there early to ensure anyone that wanted to try this had a good head start on the year.
It will also give plenty of time for the community to find flaws in my plan, possibly before the build even begins.
And as I eluded to in my "It's been a while since I posted something useful.." thread, I have a new tool on the way to aid me and building props that I'll want to get familiar with.......more on that later. 馃巸

And before anyone asks, the idea was only mine until I put it on the internet, yes you can use it.

That's it for now.

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Will be great to see this develop further. Those LEDs look really neat, though I ran some searches and the cheapest I found was ~$40 for a set of 12 purple LEDs and looks like they jump up to $60+ if you want other colors. Though I guess now that the cat (design) is out of the bag, a person could probably make them for cheaper than that. Seem to be coming out of Japan, too. So give it a few weeks....certainly by the coming Halloween... and China will probably have a $10 version!

Depending on what route you take, I've seen other 'ghost detectors' which are really EM field detectors, so that could send your ToT's searching for any AC power lines, switch panels, etc. Guess you could also do something with bluetooth or RF remote control, so you could choose when to trigger... might be almost as fun as having a laser pointer and a cat, if you could trigger the ghost detector to direct the ToTs. You're also much more kind than I am as I'd be soooo tempted to trigger the button if they were pointing the detector at mom/dad. lol!

Don't know if it would simplify or make things more complex, but if you had a couple different versions... possibly one triggered with a hidden switch for your use / triggering near what ever objects you want, and a second version for the ToTs - triggered either remotely or by hidden coils/objects. That might be the most flexible for where/when to trigger.

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Good find and thanks for the link to ali... those are much more reasonable!

I don't know how it would work into your theme and it would ruin the LEDs for later use, but I think it would be neat to put the LEDs in an acrylic casting... like a crystal ball or crystal skull or magic wand, etc - then go ghost hunting with that. The object would be clear so you could see there are no batteries, no wires, etc., but then it would magically light up.

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I would def want to come ghost hunting at your house!! And those LED bits are a want to have item
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This sounds like such a devious yet fun trick to play on unsuspecting TOTs - I love it!:p
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