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A Paint that sticks to Leather

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Anybody know a paint that would stick onto a leather belt?
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Off the top of my head I can't think of any that would stay on the belt without cracking. Can you use and ink or dye instead of paint?
Tandy carries leather paints


They also carry this stuff that you put over paint that pulls it up off the leather and then adheres it into a giant decal sorta thing. Sorta hard to describe. I have the old leather jacket that a friend airbrushed, and then I put this solution on it and it made it into a giant decal of sorts. Ill take a photograph and post it later.

I found it Acrylic Resolene
Cool stuff
ya i saw tanys. one guy said its good another said it would come off if scratched :(
hey cheetah,
any paint that is on leather will eventually scratch off,, or rub off just from wear.
I used fingernail polish on a couple of hand grips on our bikes but those are pretty stationary.
hrmmm...yeah. Maybe I need rough unfinished leather for a better result.
you know i saw the title of this and i was like WHAHH they have this now?! but nothing good like i thought

well you may need a lot, but that leather patching stuff may work for you
Yeah not what I thought but hmmm.....
okay what if you scratch the suface of what you are trying to paint ..you know like draw it on and then take off only that part and then paint it with maybe something like india ink ,they come in all sorts of colors too.
maybe seal that with a soft wax .
well, there might be a better way. what do you need the belt for? you may be better off making another one out of fabric the color you want it. you could even use the buckle thing from the old belt...
Well I want to make a belt in red and green stripes like Freddy colors, but on leather. I guess fabric would work, just not as nice. Unless you can get a rough leather belt....unfinished.
i don't know if this was mentioned yet or not but paint for vinyl. I'm sure you can get at the auto parts store. I think its called dye and not paint,but its made so it wont flake off. They have plastic paints (dyes) also if trying to paint plastic it wont scratch off or flake.
you wouldnt even be able to tell if it was leather or not at night
Cheetah found this site
I remember this stuff from a long time ago it is pretty good paint.
good for leather?
Yes it is good for leather
from the site above
Fabric Painting: Leather
Leather is a difficult surface to achieve long-term paint adhesion. Leather can vary in surface, thickness, fiber structure, oil content, dye type and tendency to stretch. These factors will influence long-term paint adhesion. Always do a test sample, prior to painting.

Surface Preparation
For maximum adhesion and longevity, the paint should penetrate into the leather. Deeper penetration will achieve greater adhesion.

1. Any protective coating must be removed (abraded or sanded) for proper paint adhesion.

2. Remove surface oils by wiping with rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol or acetone. Apply solvents only to those areas where paint will be applied.

3. Shiny and smooth leather can be prepared by sanding with fine sandpaper or emery cloth.

Painting Techniques
Before applying paint, flatten and adhere leather to a stable surface.
For achieving bright, light colors on dark leather, first apply Soft Body Titanium White thinned with 25% water to the painting area.
Follow any of the Fabric Painting Techniques.

Wipe with water dampened cloth or small amount of mild soap and water.

Most leather will stretch beyond the binding capability of acrylic paint and may crack the paint. Liquitex Acrylics are extremely flexible and durable and offer superior results on this type of surface.
Acrylic paints can crack if bent at temperatures below 45° F.
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hmm. ahhh... oooh. I will try that.
I make my own leather goods. When I need multiple colors, such as stripes, i use masking tape, mark off where I don't want to dye, and then for example dye all the red stripes. Once that dries, I go back and paint on the other color dye. Just get un finished leather and dye it, it's quite easy. I get it from a store here in cleveland but tandy sells unfinsihed belts.
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