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Does 'DORP' stand for something or is that the name of it?
I'm pretty sure it's the loose burlap material that is used in haunts,
and by loose I mean that the tight stuff is what's used for coffee bags and the loose stuff has holes in it.

Now where can I get some?
Honestly, if you just throw some of that stuff around it makes everything look so much cooler haha.
This year I'm interested in decorating our haunt now that we have the basic frame down.
Last year it was mostly just black sheets, wood, and props.
There were no pumpkins, no corn stalks, no 'DORP' haha.
I'd like to add that to make it look better!

So what is 'DORP' and where can I get some? :D

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DORP is a haunter word like FCG and others used in here. Out in the real world you should call it jute netting or landscape fabric. (it will stop those odd looks you get from non haunters). Try telling someone you just got a bucky and see the look you get. Just part of the lingo.
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