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It's always interesting finding new places... I actually frequent two other Halloween-type forums, under the same username... so if you see a "Jadewik" around, it's probably me.

About me?

Let's see... I tend to think of myself as a jack of all trades. I do a lot of just about everything. For example, I sew, draw, read, play sports, write backwards, and I LOVE to watch movies... but, strangely, I don't like most Halloween movies-- not for love of the genre, but because I'm not much for comedies (I usually come out of theaters laughing or irritated by the futility of such films).

I generally consider myself "obsessed" when it comes to Halloween. I'm already planning things for 2010 as I work on things for 2009. As I get settled, I'll post some things I've done for Halloweens past-- I only have about 3-years of "cool stuff" so far... but there are plenty more to come!

But just to give you an idea...
2008 was Mad Science themed-- my husband and I did a cadaver/gurney scene for our home haunt. I'll post photos later... and... eventually, hopefully, I'll post instructions for the gurney.

2007 was "Middle East"-- it wasn't terribly spectacular, but it was fun.

2008 I did a witch theme-- I have some awesome photos for that setup and some stories to boot!

I'm looking forward to becoming a regular lurker and semi-frequent poster... as well as getting to know you all. Thanks and Cya around! =)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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