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I'd ask - was there grease to begin with? are these plastic gears? brass? other? Any specific goals? lube, obviously, but any issues with water (possibly not if an indoor prop.

If the gears are plastic, no lube was originally in them and this is an indoor prop with light use, you might just consider leaving them dry. Plastic gears are often some type of 'slippery' type plastic...think nylon, polypropylene, etc. So at low speeds/low loads of a prop, they are somewhat 'self lubricating' and don't really need grease as it just attracts dust.

If you do need just a bit of lube and still plan for occasional/indoor use, you could likely get away with WH grease ..."whatever is handy"

If you're planning on outside/damp locations and a lot of use, the marine grease - likely some sort of white lithium grease - would likely work OK and give a bit more compatibility with water/moisture.

If you're looking to spend a lot for a little and want to go 'top quality', then likely some sort of grease from a hobby shop specifically designed for plastics would be ideal. These are typically designed for harsh environments, heavy loads, etc.

As far as specific brands, dunno. If it was here, I would probably give it a blob of Supertech, just because that is what I grabbed off the walmart shelf a dozen years ago and happen to have handy.
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