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Another attemp

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Ok...tried this on myself...gotaa say....forgot working barkwards in a mirror with no glasses and and taking pics. But it was fun!

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Wow, that looks awesome. Very nice work.
Very nice work. :D I love how you added the blood dribble from the nostril.
EEWWW you look disgusting!!!! :D Great job j!!!
Thats just nasty...ya know i dont like nasty. Thats gunna give me bad dreams J.. so im guessing good job?
All I can say is...


Good Stuff
Thanks guys for the kind words. Im still learning. Im doing another one shortly tonight, that hopefully will be good. Well see. Sorry for my posting on this stuff, but im excited as im learning it.
very good ...you gonna do all the kids in your neighborhood? keep posting them they great to see
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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